Phi Gamma Delta - FIJI

Alcohol Free Housing

949 E Elm

Springfield, MO 65807



National Website: FIJI National


Local Website: FIJI Local


President: Sam Miller


Recruitment Chair: Marc Jones, Tommy Garnier

Founded at Missouri State: 2007


Founded Nationally: 1848


Nickname: FIJI


Flower: Purple Clematis


Colors: Royal Purple


Philanthropy: American Red Cross and United Service Organization


Motto: "Friendship, the sweetest influence."


Famous Alumni: Jack Niclaus, Calvin Coolidge, Dean Smith, Payne Stewart , Phil Knight, and Matthew Fox


Dues: In-House Dues $375 per semester; Out-of-House Dues $400 per semester


Fees: Rent- $2400 per semester


New Member Fees: $250 initiation fee and $70 per month