Missouri State University

Sigma Kappa - ΣΚ

Alcohol Free Housing

1019 East Cherry Street

Springfield, MO 65806

(417) 866-7269


National Website: ∑Κ National Link


Local Website: ΣΚ Local Link


President: Miranda Wickam


Recruitment Chair: Sarah Klinkhardt


Founded at Missouri State: 1959


Founded Nationally: 1874


Nickname: Sig Kap, Sig K


Flower: Violet


Colors: Lavender and Maroon


Symbols: Heart and Dove


Philanthropy: Gerontology with a focus in the Alzheimer's Association, Inherit the Earth, and Maine Sea Coast Mission


Motto: "One heart, one way."


Famous Alumni: Sharon Resultan (Weather Channel), Rhea Seddon (NASA), Nina Davuluri (Miss America 2014)


Dues:  $35.00 per month, $85.00 per capita fee yearly, $53.00 insurance fee yearly; $55.00 summer dues yearly


Fees: Rent - $580.00 per month; Out-of-House Fee - $47.00 per month


New Member Fees: New Member Fee - $75.00; Initiation Fee - $160.00; Badge - $50.00; Housing and Furnishing Fee - $250.00