Sigma Pi - ΣΠ

Alcohol Free Housing
1000 E. Elm Street
Springfield, MO 65806


National Website: Σπ National

Local Website: Σπ Local

President: Bradley Stompoly

Recruitment Chair: Brandon Dick

Founded at Missouri State: 2012

Founded Nationally: 1897

 Flower: Lavendar Orchid

 Colors: Lavendar, White, and Gold

 Philanthropy: Altruistic Campus Experience (ACE) Project

 Motto: "Progress, man's distinctive mark alone, Not God's, and not the beasts; God is, they are. Man partly is and wholly hopes to be."

 Dues: In-House Dues $350 per semester; Out-of-House Dues $325 per semester

 Fees: Rent- $1800 per semester

 New Member Fees: $150