History and Mission


The Staff Advisory Council was originally established by Dr. Marshall Gordon in November 1988 and consisted of eleven staff members from various job classifications. It took some time for the Council to gain momentum, but it really started to take off in 1993 under Dr. Keeling, acting President of the University.

Since its inception in 1988, Staff Senate has been making significant strides for staff by increasing staff involvement on campus and by initiating or assisting in the development of many staff benefits.

Through the years, many staff members have been involved in refining our mission and objectives. In 2001, the Staff Advisory Council became known as Staff Senate.

Past Executive Board

The Staff Senate Executive Board consists of the following officers: Chairperson, Chairperson-Elect, past Chairperson, Secretary/Treasurer, and Director of Staff Relations. Staff Senate officers shall be voting members of the Senate with the exception of the Chairperson, who shall vote only in case of tied votes, and the Past Chairperson, who will only serve in an advisory capacity.

Director of Staff
2015-2016 Christina Bowles Ryan Wilson Robert Moore Gary Stafford
2014-2015 Scott Fiedler Christina Bowles Robert Moore Ryan Wilson
2013-2014 Andrea Weber Scott Fiedler Kelly Cara Christina Bowles
2012-2013 Dixie Williams Andrea Weber Scott Fiedler Kelly Cara
2011-2012 Michael Frizell Dixie Williams Matthew Stubblefield Andrea Weber
2010-2011 Tabitha Haynes Michael Frizell Janelle Melton Dixie Williams
2009-2010 Konya Knackstedt Tabitha Haynes Cindi Barnett
2008-2009 Casey Comoroski Konya Knackstedt Lenord McGownd
2007-2008 Kelly Barnts Casey Comoroski Lenord McGownd
2006-2007 Marline Faherty Kelly Barnts Dianna Thimesch
2005-2006 Ben Boslaugh Marline Faherty LaDonna Hanson
2004-2005 Diana Garland Ben Boslaugh Sue Alvers
2003-2004 Phil Nichols Diana Garland Tami Sutton
2002-2003 Lisa McEowen-LeVangie Phil Nichols Betty Lewis
2001-2002 Mary Lynne Golden Lisa McEowen-LeVangie Edie Sartin
2000-2001 Sara Clark Mary Lynne Golden Diana Garland
1999-2000 Darren Young Sara Clark Bobbi Anderson
1998-1999 Sharon Lopinot Darren Young Nancy Copeland
1997-1998 Debbie Thomas Tina McManus Brenda Espy
1996-1997 Dale Moore Debbie Thomas Donna Noland
1995-1996 Randy Blackwood Dale Moore Paula Thurman
1994-1995 Shirley Randall/
Randy Blackwood
Paula Thurman
1993-1994 Marilyn Erhardt/
Shirely Randall
Shirley Randall Debbie Donnellan
1992-1993 Shirley Randall Marilyn Erhardt Nancy Schanda
1991-1992 Mike Murphy
1990-1991 Mike Murphy
1989-1990 Mike Murphy
1988-1989 Mark Stillwell/Mike Murphy
1987-1988 Mark Stillwell