July 10, 2014 Minutes

Approved Minutes

July 10, 2014 Approved Minutes PDF

Meeting Date:  July 10, 2014

Presiding Officer:  Scot Fiedler

Welcome new employees in attendance today!

Actions of Meeting

Roll Call

  • Roll call was conducted using sign-in sheets
  • Members in Attendance:  Ian Alaimo, Catherine Beck, Tara Benson, Christina Bowles, Kelly Bridges, Addie Douglas, Brian Edmond, Paul Essel, David Falls, Scott Fiedler, Kami Gollhofer, Sandy Johnson, Sharon Lopinot, Yvette Medley, Janelle Melton, Robert Moore, Allison Overmyer, Charles Schoneboom, Brenda Stewart, Karen Wilde, Ryan Wilson, Peng Zhang
  • Proxy Members in Attendance:  None
  • Members Absent (Excused):  Andrew Garton, Gary Stafford, Andrea Weber
  • Members Absent (Unexcused):  None
  • Guests in Attendance:  Victoria Culver, A’dja Jones, Ryan Reed, Michelle Noland, Holly Robison

Call to Order

  • Staff Senate had quorum
  • Meeting called to order at 11:02 AM by Chair, Scott Fiedler
  • Agenda was emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to approve agenda with no changes by Sharon Lopinot
  • Second by Addie Douglas
  • Agenda approved unanimously

Approval of Agenda

  • Agenda was emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to approve agenda with no changes by Sharon Lopinot
  • Second by Addie Douglas
  • Agenda approved unanimously

Chair Report

  • President Smart in attendance—Addressed the Staff Senate
    • As noted in the last edition of Cliff Notes there is now free wireless in the PSU and Meyer Library. It requires a password which was provided in previous Cliff Notes.
    • Held retreat with Academic Leadership Team to discuss:
      • Budget—looking into a cost of living increase every year.
      • “Catch-Up” compensation programs for individuals and groups; staff making less than $30,000 in specific categories. Budget committee tasked with looking for areas that compensation programs would benefit.
      • 110 year University Anniversary; 10 year anniversary as Missouri State Univ.
        • Wants to implement a service program (100,000 service hour goal)
        • Day of Giving to the University (goal to raise $1.1 million).
    • Open Discussion
      • Briand Edmonds inquired into the construction on campus, and specifically the stadium.
        • President Smart responded that three fields will be ready when fall begins. The stadium should be completed by first football game.
        • President Smart also noted that the soccer field will have a two-faced score board with running announcements for campus and Pummil renovation is underway.
        • The Board has approved construction of the Welcome Center which should begin next week.
      • Question regarding guest parking on campus.
        • In the short-term question should be deferred to Matthew Morris; in the future guest parking will be located in front of the Welcome Center.
  • Executive Budget Committee
    • No Report
  • Master Planning Committee
    • No Report
  • Board of Governors Meeting
    • Budget approved for next year
    • First generation students are a recurring theme
  • Summer commencement
    • Call to attend if possible.

Chair Elect Report

  • Inquiry into tuition waivers for staff dependents over 24
    • Workgroup not required as this will be covered by Staff Handbook review process.
  • Re-evaluating Staff Handbook this year—Building workgroup
    • Christina Bowles, Kelly Bridges, Brian Edmond, Allison Overmyer, and Brenda Stewart volunteered for the workgroup

Past Chair Report

  • No report

Secretary/Treasurer Report

  • Operating budget (A account)
    • Balance is $648.09
    • June Expenditures = $664.71
      • $62.95 for plaque and gavel to BJ’s Trophy Shop
      • $15 x 4 = $60 for gift cards to senators with no absences
      • $154.26 for Executive Board Travel Reimbursement
      • $387.50 for catering for Staff Senate Training in June
    • Expected upcoming expenses = $400
      • $400 for Staff Senate video
    • Expected balance = $264.71
  • B account – Balance is $485.89
    • Expenditures – $268.20 for PSU Level 1 Rental
    • Credit – $120 correction showing up, and Rob has contacted Jennifer Severson for clarification on this unexpected credit.
    • Petty cash on hand is $125
  • Scholarship Account – Balance as of last month $5,693.58

Director of Staff Relations Report

  • Ryan Wilson announced as new Director of Staff Relations
  • Committee appointment of Allison Overmyer to take position on Shared Leave Committee
  • Committee Reports
    • Bylaws – No report
    • Denim Days Committee – No report
    • Public Affairs Committee – No report
    • Public Relations Committee – No report
    • Scholarship Committee – No report
    • Staff Activities – No report
    • Staff Excellence in University Service Awards – No Report
    • Administrative Professional Forum Committee
      • Next forum covering student employment; reminder emailed to staff
      • Planning ahead and working with Matthew Stubblefield to plan big fall forum-most likely in October
    • Public Arts Committee – No report
    • My Ideas Committee – No report
    • Faculty Senate – No report
    • Sustainability Committee – No report
    • Admin Budget Committee – No report

Old Business

  • Proud to be Staff shirts are still available
    • $2 of every shirt goes to scholarship fund
    • Waiting for second check from Campus Bookstore-Scott is contacting again.
  • Dress and Polo Shirts
    • Working on this project since last fall but little progress; decision made to terminate project. Bookstore will be notified by Scott.
  • Staff Satisfaction Survey
    • Approached by Psychology Department to see if Staff Senate would like to participate in study. Chair will discuss with researchers to see if it would be beneficial.
    • Would need Administrative and HR approval
    • Supervisor evaluations will be discussed by Executive Board as well.

New Business

  • Common Reader
    • Is this an activity that was enjoyed and that Staff Senate benefitted from? Worth doing again?
    • Brenda Stewart questioned how discussions would be held due to limited time at Staff Senate meetings. Suggested an online discussion blog format.
    • Discussion of cost and how or should Staff Senate purchase books
    • President Smart offered to pay for the books out of the Office of the President. Christina will collect and send information to President Smart’s office
    • Motion to purchase and hold some form of Common Reader discussions by Brenda Stewart.
    • Second by Sandra Johnson
    • Passed quorum; 1 nay
    • Motion passed
  • Fundraising for B Account:
    • Not budgeted and replenished so ideas to raise funds?
    • Sharon Lopinot noted that we should not take funds or activities that raise funds for the scholarship account.
    • Activities Committee will meet to discuss ideas and report back to Senate.
  • Travel expense reports for Executive Board travel to Board of Governors’ meetings.
    • Karen Wilde noted that Executive Board travel to meetings should be reimbursed.
    • Motion to reimburse expenditures incurred for Board of Governor’s meetings by Brenda Stewart
    • Second by Allison Overmyer
    • Unanimously passed
  • Guest Speakers
    • Guest speakers should help Senate learn more about individuals departments and areas of campus
    • Proposed guests: Campus ISO, Ryan Reed, Campus Security.


  • Thank you to Tent Theater for providing tickets
  • Next Staff Senate meeting will be on August 7


  • Motion to adjourn by Sharon Lopinot
  • Second by Brian Edmond
  • Meeting was adjourned at 12:01 PM by Chair, Scott Fiedler


Minutes respectfully submitted by Rob Moore, Secretary/Treasurer