Missouri State University

December 5, 2013 Minutes

Presiding Officer:  Scott Fiedler

Actions of Meeting

Roll Call

  • Roll call was conducted using sign-in sheets
  • Members in Attendance:  Ian Alaimo, Catherine Beck, Tara Benson, Christina Bowles, Kelly Cara, Brian Edmond, Paul Essel, David Falls, Scott Fiedler, Andrew Garton, Sharon Lopinot, Yvette Medley, Janelle Melton, Robert Moore, Allison Overmyer, Karen Willde, Dixie Williams, Ryan Wilson
  • Proxy Members in Attendance:  Kirby Williams (SGA)
  • Members Absent (Excused):  Sandra Johnson, Brenda Stewart, Addie Douglas, Andrea Weber, Charles Schoneboom
  • Members Absent (Unexcused):  Teressa Arnette, Gary Stafford
  • Guests in Attendance:  David Schneider (SGA)

Call to Order

  • Staff Senate had quorum
  • Meeting called to order at 11:03 AM by Chair Elect, Scott Fiedler

Approval of Agenda

  • Agenda was emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to add SGA report by Kelly Cara
  • Motion to approve agenda with changes by Sharon Lopinot
  • Second by Andrew Garton
  • Agenda approved unanimously

Approval of Minutes

  • November meeting minutes were emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to approve minutes with no changes by Andrew Garton
  • Second by Yvette Medley
  • November minutes approved unanimously

Chair Report

Scott Fiedler reporting on behalf of Andrea Weber

  • Welcome new senator – Addie Douglas
  • Conference Attendance – Andrea Weber is gone today
  • BOG Meeting – December 11
  • Commencement – December 11
  • Executive Budget Meeting – December 11
  • December 17, Clif Smart will be presenting FYE budget.  Scott and Andrea will be in attendance.

Chair Elect Report

  • Staff Development Incentive Program – Still trying to get a meeting scheduled before the end of the semester with the hopes of drafting a document by mid-spring
  • Pediatric Nurse Task Force – Need for at least a part-time pediatric nurse at Taylor Health and Wellness for staff.  Volunteers listed below:
    • Scott Fiedler
    • Christina Bowles
    • Dixie Williams
  • Shared Leave Report In Nov.,
    • employees who contributed hours = 248
    • Employees eligible to receive benefits = 222
    • Total hours contributed = 6,528
      • 320 hours used by an individual approved for leave
      • 6,208 remaining hours in the pool
    • Leave in the pool valued at $162,000

Past Chair Report

  • Take advantage of opportunities on campus, and be a strong part of the community. Staff need to be as involved as possible.
    • Encouraged staff to attend sporting events at MSU
    • President’s holiday reception is next week – staff should make an appearance

SGA Report

Kirby Williams reporting on behalf of SGA

  • Ink-cartridge recycling program
  • Abuse awareness program (ADHD drug-abuse)
  • SGA has adjourned for the semester

Secretary/Treasurer Report

  • Budget balances
    • Operating budget (A account)
      • No changes this month.  Balance is $1,465.06
    • Activity budget (B account)
      • Balance is $747.10
        • $703.60 from Denim Day luncheon
        • $42.50 from beads reimbursement
        • $1.00 extra in petty cash
      • Petty cash on hand is $125
    • Staff Excellence in University Service Awards account
      • Jennifer Severson is helping us with this
      • Carryover adjustment of $706.59 will be moved to B account
      • Denim Day funds will be moved to B account
    • Foundation fund (Scholarship account) – report by Scholarship Committee (below)
  • Friends Against Hunger update
    • FAH received our donation of $435.60, and this was matched by Prime for a total provision of 5,445 meals!
  • Denim Day donations amount to over $2,100 this year
  • Staff Senate funding request form - Allie is getting the form into an interactive pdf format.  Once done, it will be posted at www.MissouriState.edu/StaffSenate.  Until then, request form from Kelly Cara.

Director of Staff Relations Report

  • Committee Reports
    • Bylaws – No report
    • Denim Days Committee – No report
    • Public Affairs Committee – Brian Edmond
      • Isabel’s House gift drive for holidays
        • Thanks for helping wrap boxes and for hosting a station
        • Need volunteers to help pick up toys and deliver to Isabel’s House
          • Janelle Melton
          • Christina Bowles
        • Isabel’s House wants us to concentrate on collecting toys
        • Need to provide “value” information to Isabel’s house this year
          • Thinking about different ways to estimate amounts – could use app
          • Having people fill out forms to indicate donation amounts
        • Kelly to send another email on Monday to all staff
      • Adpot-A-Street cleanup – cancelled on Dec. 6 and will be rescheduled
    • Public Relations Committee – No report
    • Scholarship Committee – Andrew Garton
      • Final expected balance = $4,274.81
        • Once $500 given out this year, remainder will be $3,774.81
        • Total raised this year $1,011
        • Ovations concessions
          • Another fundraiser in spring
          • Thurs., Feb. 27 men’s basketball (final men’s home game and senior night)
        • Second annual benefit luncheon to be combined with Admin Prof. appreciation lunch on Wed. April 24, 11 AM-1PM in PSU ballroom
          • Chartwell’s pays for set-up fees
          • We get to reap all the benefits
        • Wanting to do table tents again for staff recognition luncheon
          • Need $27 for printing 200 tents
      • Considering changes to the scholarship
        • Could increase size and number of scholarships
        • Could allow balance to build up to $25,000 and then roll into an endowment (gets invested in the markets and allows us to keep the scholarship without raising funds annually)
    • Staff Activities Committee – Janelle Melton
      • Still working on plans for bowling night
    • Staff Excellence in University Service Awards –Allison Overmyer
      • Received packets and are reviewing them
      • Dec. 12 decisions will be made
    • MSU Administrative Professional Forum Committee – Janelle Melton
      • Working on the next one which will be in February
    • Public Arts Committee – Yvette Medley
      • Updating public art policy
      • Seeking to raise money for a public competition and a student competition (art will be submitted and selected for display in Carrington)
      • New art is displayed in front of JKHHPA
      • Arts Dept. is updating inventory to have a better idea of what is available on campus and where art is currently located

Old Business

  • Staff shirts for sale in the MSU Bookstore is still a work in progress
    • Design has been approved, but we are waiting for the Bookstore to make the order
    • Hoping to have shirts ready to sell at the January staff appreciation luncheon

New Business

  • None


  • Excellence in Advising nominations open until Dec. 9th for excellent faculty or staff advisors
  • In Jan. will have nominations open for staff service awards (those who work in advisement or who have helped support advising at MSU)

Open Forum

  • State of the University Address – How can Staff Senate be “Bigger and Bolder”?
    • Christina Bowles – can start in small ways by being bigger and bolder as individual staff employees in our offices – show pride in being a member of staff at MSU
    • Allie Overmyer – have pride in what you do, and be positive when you explain what you do to others
    • Scott Fiedler – proud to be staff shirt campaign makes staff more visible
    • Kelly Cara – attend events, be involved and aware of campus goings-on (attend BOG meetings, Faculty Senate, etc.), highlight positive parts of our jobs, and remember that every interaction can leave a lasting impression on others (students, families, faculty, other staff)
    • Scott Fiedler – wear Staff Senate shirt to more events on campus
    • Dixie Williams – attend the Holiday Reception and be visible (make sure supervisors support participation in these events)
      • Rob Moore – on a committee with administrators and knows that they do support staff attending events like the reception
        • Could we do a staff night at the ball game again?
        • Social media – is our Facebook page being used?
    • Dixie Williams – could increase our benefits through the ADP task force
      • Voice our opinions more, stand up for our needs and rights (such as enrollment in benefits this year), etc.
      • Time for completing required training, benefits enrollment, etc. – especially for staff who do not have access to computers or internet on campus
      • Brian Edmond – do we have a channel to bring up these types of issues?
        • Scott Fiedler – Yes, Exec. Board can take these concerns to HR and other areas
        • Brian Edmond – It would be nice to know about some of these things ahead of time so we can anticipate issues from staff (build that relationship so we are automatically part of the process)
    • Kelly Cara – We need to better highlight our excellent work and service to the campus (i.e., through media like Digital Measures, which allows faculty to highlight their service, teaching, and research)
      • Dixie Williams – Can we use our website to help with this?
      • Could we get Clif Smart or Frank Einhellig to include excellent staff contributions? (i.e., through Clif’s notes and the Provost Communique)


  • Motion to adjourn by Robert Moore
  • Second by Paul Essel
  • Meeting was adjourned at 11:59 AM by Chair Elect, Scott Fiedler

Next Meeting

  • January 9, 2014, 11 AM to 12 PM
  • Please note different meeting room:  Karls Hall 101


Minutes respectfully submitted by Kelly Cara, Secretary/Treasurer