Missouri State University

September 5, 2013 Minutes

Presiding Officer:  Andrea Weber

Actions of Meeting

Roll Call

  • Roll call was conducted using sign-in sheets
  • Members in Attendance:  Ian Alaimo, Teressa Arnette, Tara Benson, Christina Bowles, Brian Edmond, Paul Essel, David Falls, Scott Fiedler, Andrew Garton, Sandra Johnson, Janelle Melton, Allison Overmyer, Charles Schoneboom, Gary Stafford, Erin Trotter, Andrea Weber, Karen Willde, Ryan Wilson
  • Proxy Members in Attendance:  None
  • Members Absent (Excused):  Kelly Cara, Sharon Lopinot , Yvette, Medley ,Rob Moore, Brenda Stewart, Dixie Williams, Catherine Beck
  • Members Absent (Unexcused):  Lindsey Kolb
  • Guests in Attendance:  Shanna Heckmaster

Call to Order

  • Staff Senate had quorum
  • Meeting called to order at 11:05 AM by Chairperson, Andrea Weber

Approval of Agenda

  • Agenda was emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to approve agenda with no changes by Andrew Garton
  • Second by Ryan Wilson
  • Agenda approved unanimously

Approval of Minutes

  • August meeting minutes were emailed prior to meeting
  • Motion to approve minutes with no changes by Allison Overmyer
  • Second by Ryan Wilson
  • August minutes approved unanimously

Chair Report

  • Had the opportunity to sit with the platform party at Convocation, and also had the opportunity to meet John Goodman and Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Ryan Giedd, among others. She will also be sitting with the platform party at December 2013 graduation ceremonies.

Chair Elect Report

  • Staff Senate Polo shirts

    • Polos are here. Staff can collect at meeting or contact Scott Fiedler to do so. Scott owes a dollar to some senators. They can request the dollar from him, or they can choose to donate the dollar to Staff Senate Scholarship.
  • Staff shirts to sell

    • The Executive board discussed having a t-shirt design contest, and selling the shirts to raise money for the Staff Senate Scholarship fund. Andrew Garton, Janelle Melton, Teressa Arnette all liked the idea.
    • Janelle asked about colors. Scott said it will likely have one color available to cut down on cost. Andrew Garton suggested that we sell shirts at Rudolph’s 5 and 10.
    • Ryan Wilson mentioned that his department has to wear collared shirts for BearWear Fridays. Teressa also mentioned a collared shirt would be preferred. Scott suggested that senators check with their offices and email him feedback. Andrea Weber and Allison Overmyer stated that t-shirts would work well in their departments.
    • Friends Against Hunger canisters
      • Scott brought the canisters to meeting. If anyone would still like one, they can email him. The canisters will need to be brought to Kelly Cara in Carrington Hall every Friday to collect money from.

Past Chair Report

  • In West Plains recruiting

Secretary/Treasurer Report

  • Budget balances

    • Operating budget (A account)
      • Balance at $2201.40
      • After shirts and mousepads, $1426.28
    • Activity budget (B account)
      • Balance at $1.00
      • Net asset carryover from 2013 should be around $705.59, which will bring balance to 706.59
    • Foundation fund (Scholarship account)
      • Balance – $3,867.74
      • Includes $103.93 raised in FY 2014
      • Doesn’t include $500 ($250 to each individual) expense that has dispersed to students, but hasn’t yet been pulled from the account.
  • Funding Request Form

    • Form will be revised and posted on the website soon.
  • New Employee Orientation gifts

    • We would like to order tumblers for new employees since not everyone uses a computer and would require a mouse pad. The tumblers would be $489.20 for 100.

Director of Staff Relations Report

  • Committee Reports

    • Bylaws – Kelly Cara
      • No report
    • Denim Days Committee – Andrea Weber
      • Denim Day Luncheon will be on September 30, 2013. Menu still not finalized. There will be tables on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and t-shirts will be available this year. Denim Day is on October 4th.
    • Public Affairs Committee –Christina Bowles
      • Adopt-a-Street clean-up will be planned for October and December, weather permitting.
      • Convoy of Hope, Tuesday nights, will likely occur this month (September)
      • Meals a Million on November 15-17, 2013. Would like to get a group together to participate, and encourage other staff to get involved.
      • Christina will be attending a meeting on September 11th about collecting shoes for the Sole Food shoe drive. PA committee would like to collect shoes from Staff Senate
      • Isabel’s House. We would like to collect gifts again—more details later about this.
      • Relay for Life, April. We would like to have a team again this year, and are discussing options.
    • Public Relations Committee – Teressa Arnette
      • Currently rotating secretaries so everyone has a chance to participate.
      • Developing a script for new employee orientation. Also provide dates and locations of Staff Senate meetings on a sheet to new employees.
      • Committee divided up into different groups to work during meetings.
      • Group 1 is working on creating tools to help Staff Senate senators plan events and retain welcoming tone
        • Arrangements for parking, etc.
        • Tips for how to be welcoming in written and oral communications
      • Group 2 is working on Staff Senate promotion, including a video to put on the website. Was planning on working with MJF students to do the video, but because of a new Missouri law, students cannot work for free on projects that could be provided by a small business. Ryan Wilson suggested using the FCTL equipment. Scott also suggested using his GA, Bryan Hunter, for the video and subcontracting him. Andrea also volunteered the OSE Flip camera, and incorporating the Public Affairs Mission into the video(s).
      • Group 3 is working on the blog. If you have ideas, submit them to Kelly.
    • Scholarship Committee – Andrew Garton
      • Balance – $3,867.74
      • Includes $103.93 raised in FY 2014
      • Doesn’t include $500 ($250 to each individual) expense that has dispersed to students, but hasn’t yet been pulled from the account.
      • Committee would like to get involved in Missouri State Way Campaign from mid-September to mid-October.
      • Ovation fundraiser at Black Angus, Sunday, October 20th, at the Keith Urban concert. Will need about 8 volunteers from 5:00 to 9:30. Contact Andrew if interested.
      • Would like to have a booth at Bearfest Village on October 19th, Homecoming, to sell Marti Gras beads for $1. Would need about $45-60 to purchase 240 of them. Would also like volunteers for selling the beads.
      • Also discussed purchasing a Staff Senate banner to have at events.
      • Would like to sell items at Rudolph’s 5 and 10. Still have cookbooks may have beads and/or shirts.
    • Staff Activities Committee – Janelle Melton
      • Let her know if you are interested in serving on the committee or if you know other staff who may be interested.
    • Staff Excellence – Allison Overmyer
      • No Report
    • MSU Administrative Professional Forum Committee – Sandy Johnson
      • Next forum is November 6th in Karls Hall with speaker Jay Huff from Safety and Transportation. Brown bag event with no refreshments. May provide refreshments at the last forum of the year.
      • Spring forums include, “P-cards, Procurement, and Supplies,” and a forum on Student Employment. The committee would also like to have a summer forum with Computer Services on 2014 updates.

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • My Ideas Committee needs a Staff Senate member.
    • Motion to appoint Allison Overmyer by Andrew Garton
    • Second by Ryan Wilson
    • Approved
  • Sustainability Committee needs a Staff Senate member.
    • Motion to appoint Ryan Wilson by Allison Overmyer
    • Second by Andrew Garton
    • Approved
  • Tumblers for New Employee Orientation
    • Allison Overmyer asked how we will distribute the tumblers as opposed to the mouse pads. Scott said that new employees could choose. Teressa suggested that Staff Senators buy tumblers to offset cost. Scott said that purchasing more would not save that much more.
    • Andrew Garton asked about how many new employees we have every year. Scott and Allison agreed that it is about 80.
    • Ryan Wilson asked how else we would spend the money. Andrea noted that we do not have an alternative plan for our funds. Scott said that in years past we haven’t spent any money, but in other years we did.
    • Andrea charged the Public Relations Committee with discussing other more affordable gift ideas and presenting them to Staff Senate.
  • Beads for Homecoming
    • Scott asked if $60 would be refunded to Staff Senate. Andrew said yes.
    • Tara Benson suggested that Andrew check with the Bookstore because they also sell beads at games.
    • Motion that Staff Senate allow Scholarship Committee to spend up to $60 to purchase beads, if Bookstore is okay with us selling the beads, that would be sold for $1 each, and the $60 would be refunded to Staff Senate by Andrew Garton
    • Second by Charles Schoneboom
    • Approved


  • Tara Benson handed out sheets that have tips on how to support the Bears and promote school spirit. If you would like copies to put in your office, contact her.
  • Tara Benson also announced the “grand opening” of Bear Blvd. on Friday, September 20th at 5:30 PM.

Open Forum

  • Andrea Weber opened discussion about the common reader, Start Something That Matters, by Blake Mycoskie
    • Discussion led by Christina Bowles
      • First question: When Nordstrom’s buyer asked to be transferred to a different department, TOMS employees passed the phone around the room. Is this an ethical business practice?
        • Senators agreed that the company was doing what they could since it was so small. It was also said that someone just got promoted once they took over the phone call. Scott reminded the Senate that TOMS doesn’t have traditional titles—Blake is “Chief Shoe Giver,” for example.
      • Second question: Is the approach Blake took to finding interns (Craig’s List) an example of ethical leadership?
        • Senators again felt that he was doing what was necessary. Gary Stafford mentioned that Craig’s List may not be the best place to find workers, and Andrea noted that Craig’s List may have been different back then. Andrew Garton also said that Blake may not have thought about going to campuses to recruit workers.
    • Senators encouraged to continue reading for next meeting.


  • Motion to adjourn by Andrew Garton
  • Second by Gary Stafford
  • Meeting was adjourned at 12:00pm by Chairperson, Andrea Weber


Minutes respectfully submitted by Christina Bowles, Director of Staff Relations