2014-2015 Staff Senate Roster

Staff Senate Executive Committee

Christina Bowles

Chair of Staff Senate:  
Christina Bowles- Academic Advisor
Advisement Center
Email: CBowles@MissouriState.edu
Phone: 417-836-5258
Office: University Hall 109

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson- Centralized User Support Specialist
Computer Services
Email: RyanWilson@MissouriState.edu
Phone: 417-836-6083
Office: Glass Hall 233

Scott Fiedler

Past Chair of Staff Senate: 
Scott Fiedler- Director of Student Services- Certification Officer
College of Education Student Services
Email: ScottFiedler@MissouriState.edu
Phone: 417-836-8772
Office: Hill Hall 200A

Robert Moore — Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Financial Aid
Email:  RobMoore@MissouriState.edu
Phone:  417-836-5262
Office:  Carrington Hall 419

 Gary Stafford

Director of Staff Relations:
Gary Stafford- Career Resources Specialist
Career Services
Email: GStafford@MissouriState.edu
Phone: 417-836-5636
Office: Carrington Hall 309

Ex-Officio Members

No photo available 

Faculty Senate Representative
To be determined

No photo available

Student Government Representative
To be determined

No photo available Parliamentarian of Staff Senate:
To be determined


Job Family 1: Administrative Support (4 representatives)

Catherine Beck

Catherine Beck — Administrative Specialist III
Bear Claw
Email: CatherineBeck@missouristate.edu  
Phone: 417-836-8562
Office: Meyer Library 112

Term ends: 2015

Sharon Lopinot

Sharon Lopinot — Executive Assistant II
College of Education - Dean's Office
Email: SharonLopinot@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-5254
Office: Hill Hall, 304C

Term ends: 2016

janelle melton 2

Janelle Melton — Administrative Assistant II
Honors College
Email: JanelleMelton@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-6370
Office: University Hall 212

Term ends: 2016


Kelly Bridges — Administrative Assistant II
Public Affairs
Email: KKBridges@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-3059
Office: Meyer Library 202

Term ends: 2017

Job Family 2: Skilled Crafts/Trades (4 representatives)

charles 2

Charles Schoneboom — Groundskeeper
Facilities Management - Grounds
Email: CharlesSchoneboom@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-5963
Office: Stores and Maintenance 135

Term ends: 2015


Addie Douglas — Custodian I
Campus Recreation
Email: ADouglas@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-837-4346
Office: Foster Family Recreation Center 213

Term ends: 2016

David Falls

David Falls — Custodian I
Facilities Management and Custodial Department
Email: BDFalls@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-894-9060
Office: Morris Center

Term ends: 2016

Karen Willde

Karen Willde — Public Safety Parking Control Attendant
Safety and Transportation
Email: KRWillde@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-6587
Office: Carrington Avenue Parking Booth

Term ends: 2016

Job Family 3: Information Systems/Technical (2 representatives)

Ian Alaimo

Ian Alaimo — Instructional Tech Support Specialist
College of Health and Human Services
Email: IanAlaimo@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-6231
Office: Professional Building 265

Term ends: 2016

Brian Edmond

Brian Edmond — Senior Systems Analyst
Computer Services
Email: BrianEdmond@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-6898
Office: Cheek Hall 124G

Term ends: 2016

Job Family 4: Executive, Administrative, and Managerial (6 representatives)

Christina Bowles

Christina Bowles — Academic Advisor
Advisement Center
Email: CBowles@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-5258
Office: University Hall 109

Term ends: 2015

Yvette Medley

Yvette Medley — Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist
College of Business
Email:  YvetteMedley@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-5386
Office: Glass Hall 106

Term ends: 2015

Gary Stafford

Gary Stafford — Career Resources Specialist
Career Services
Email: GStafford@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-5636
Office: Carrington Hall 309

Term ends: 2015

Tara Benson

Tara Benson — Associate Director Student Act Program
PSU - Student Engagement
Email:  TBenson@missouristate.edu 
Phone:  836-4914
Office:  Plaster Student Union 101

Term Ends: 2016

Kami Gollhofer

Kami Gollhofer — Health Career Coordinator, AHEC
Research Administration
Email:  KamiGollhofer@missouristate.edu 
Phone:  836-3295
Office:  Joplin Expansion

Term Ends: 2017

Peng Zhang

Peng Zhang — China Operations Specialist
VP Research & Economic Development
Email: PengZhang@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-5486
Office: Carrington Hall 210 

Term ends: 2017

President's Area (1 representative)

Brenda Stewart

Brenda Stewart — Administrative Assistant III
Institutional Equity and Compliance
Email: BStewart@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-4252
Office: Park Central Office Building 111

Term ends: 2015

Administrative and Information Services (1 representative)

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson — Centralized User Support Specialist
Computer Services
Email: RyanWilson@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-6083
Office: Cheek Hall 151

Term ends: 2016

Student Affairs (1 representative)

 rob moore 2

Robert Moore — Financial Aid Counselor
Financial Aid
Email: RobMoore@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-4433
Office:  Carrington Hall 401

Term ends: 2016

Financial Services (1 representative)

Paul Essel

Paul Essel — Senior Accountant-Analyst
Financial Services
Email: PEssel@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-8873
Office:  Carrington Hall 424F

Term ends: 2016


Provost's Area (1 representative)

Sandra Johnson

Sandy Johnson — Administrative Specialist III
Faculty Senate
Email: SLJohnson@missouristate.edu
Phone: 417-836-5257
Office: Carrington Hall 314C

Term ends: 2016

University Advancement (1 representative)

Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton — Foundation Scholarship Coordinator
Development Office
Email: AndrewGarton@missouristate.edu  
Phone: 417-836-4143
Office: Meyer Alumni Center 100

Term ends: 2015

Research and Economic Development (1 representative)

Allison Overmeyer

Allison Overmyer — Manager Animal Research Facility
Research and Economic Development
Email: AllisonOvermyer@missouristate.edu 
Phone: 417-836-8405
Office: Carrington Hall 210

Term Ends 2015