Staff Senate Leadership


Any full time staff person who is in good standing and who has been employed by Missouri State University for at least one year is eligible for nomination as a Staff Senate Senator.  There are two types of senators including divisional members, who represent the major units to which they report (e.g., Provost's area), and occupational members, who represent major occupational categories (e.g., Job Family 1).

Staff Senate Executive Committee

Christina Bowles

Chair of Staff Senate:   Christina Bowles- Academic Advisor Advisement Center Email: Phone: 417-836-5258 Office: University Hall 109

Ryan Wilson

Chair-Elect: Ryan Wilson- Centralized User Support Specialist Computer Services Email: Phone: 417-836-6083 Office: Glass Hall 233

Scott Fiedler

Past Chair of Staff Senate:  Scott Fiedler- Director of Student Services- Certification Officer College of Education Student Services Email: Phone: 417-836-8772 Office: Hill Hall 200A

Secretary/Treasurer Robert Moore — Assistant Director of Financial AidFinancial Aid Email: Phone:  417-836-5262 Office:  Carrington Hall 419

 Gary Stafford

Director of Staff Relations: Gary Stafford- Career Resources Specialist Career Services Email: Phone: 417-836-5636 Office: Carrington Hall 309

Ex-Officio Members

No photo available 

Faculty Senate Representative To be determined

No photo available

Student Government Representative To be determined

No photo available Parliamentarian of Staff Senate: To be determined


Job Family 1: Administrative Support (4 representatives)

Catherine Beck

Catherine Beck — Administrative Specialist III Bear Claw Email:   Phone: 417-836-8562 Office: Meyer Library 112

Term ends: 2015

Sharon Lopinot

Sharon Lopinot — Executive Assistant II College of Education - Dean's Office Email: Phone: 417-836-5254 Office: Hill Hall, 304C

Term ends: 2016

janelle melton 2

Janelle Melton — Administrative Assistant II Honors College Email: Phone: 417-836-6370 Office: University Hall 212

Term ends: 2016


Kelly Bridges — Administrative Assistant II Public Affairs Email: Phone: 417-836-3059 Office: Meyer Library 202

Term ends: 2017

Job Family 2: Skilled Crafts/Trades (4 representatives)

charles 2

Charles Schoneboom — Groundskeeper Facilities Management - Grounds Email: Phone: 417-836-5963 Office: Stores and Maintenance 135

Term ends: 2015


Addie Douglas — Custodian I Campus Recreation Email: Phone: 417-837-4346 Office: Foster Family Recreation Center 213

Term ends: 2016

David Falls

David Falls — Custodian I Facilities Management and Custodial Department Email: Phone: 417-894-9060 Office: Morris Center

Term ends: 2016

Karen Willde

Karen Willde — Public Safety Parking Control Attendant Safety and Transportation Email: Phone: 417-836-6587 Office: Carrington Avenue Parking Booth

Term ends: 2016

Job Family 3: Information Systems/Technical (2 representatives)

Ian Alaimo

Ian Alaimo — Instructional Tech Support Specialist College of Health and Human Services Email:  Phone: 417-836-6231 Office: Professional Building 265

Term ends: 2016

Brian Edmond

Brian Edmond — Senior Systems Analyst Computer Services Email:  Phone: 417-836-6898 Office: Cheek Hall 124G

Term ends: 2016

Job Family 4: Executive, Administrative, and Managerial (6 representatives)

Christina Bowles

Christina Bowles — Academic Advisor Advisement Center Email:  Phone: 417-836-5258 Office: University Hall 109

Term ends: 2015

Yvette Medley

Yvette Medley — Academic Advisor/Retention Specialist College of Business Email:  Phone: 417-836-5386 Office: Glass Hall 106

Term ends: 2015

Gary Stafford

Gary Stafford — Career Resources Specialist Career Services Email:  Phone: 417-836-5636 Office: Carrington Hall 309

Term ends: 2015

Tara Benson

Tara Benson — Associate Director Student Act Program PSU - Student Engagement Email:  Phone:  836-4914 Office:  Plaster Student Union 101

Term Ends: 2016

Kami Gollhofer

Kami Gollhofer — Health Career Coordinator, AHEC Research Administration Email:  Phone:  836-3295 Office:  Joplin Expansion

Term Ends: 2017

Peng Zhang

Peng Zhang — China Operations Specialist VP Research & Economic Development Email: Phone: 417-836-5486 Office: Carrington Hall 210 

Term ends: 2017

President's Area (1 representative)

Brenda Stewart

Brenda Stewart — Administrative Assistant III Institutional Equity and Compliance Email:  Phone: 417-836-4252 Office: Park Central Office Building 111

Term ends: 2015

Administrative and Information Services (1 representative)

Ryan Wilson

Ryan Wilson — Centralized User Support Specialist Computer Services Email:  Phone: 417-836-6083 Office: Cheek Hall 151

Term ends: 2016

Student Affairs (1 representative)

 rob moore 2

Robert Moore — Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid Email: Phone: 417-836-4433 Office:  Carrington Hall 401

Term ends: 2016

Financial Services (1 representative)

Paul Essel

Paul Essel — Senior Accountant-Analyst Financial Services Email: Phone: 417-836-8873 Office:  Carrington Hall 424F

Term ends: 2016


Provost's Area (1 representative)

Sandra Johnson

Sandy Johnson — Administrative Specialist III Faculty Senate Email: Phone: 417-836-5257 Office: Carrington Hall 314C

Term ends: 2016

University Advancement (1 representative)

Andrew Garton

Andrew Garton — Foundation Scholarship Coordinator Development Office Email:   Phone: 417-836-4143 Office: Meyer Alumni Center 100

Term ends: 2015

Research and Economic Development (1 representative)

Allison Overmeyer

Allison Overmyer — Manager Animal Research Facility Research and Economic Development Email:  Phone: 417-836-8405 Office: Carrington Hall 210

Term Ends 2015