Missouri State University

July 11, 2013 Minutes

Presiding Officer: Andrea Weber

Members in Attendance: Andrea Weber, Dixie Williams, Scott Fiedler, Christina Bowles, Catherine Beck, Sharon Lopinot, Janelle Melton, Dave Falls, Charles Schoneboom, Ian Alaimo, Andrew Garton, Tara Benson, Lindsey Kolb (SGA Rep), Brenda Stewart, Ryan Wilson, Robert Moore, Sandra Johnson, Gary Stafford, Karen Willde

Proxy Members in Attendance: None

Members Absent (Excused):  Allison Overmyer, Kelly Cara, Yvette Medley

Members Absent (Unexcused):  Teressa Arnette, Erin Trotter, Paul Essel

Guests in Attendance: Sarah Nyquist, Debra Horn, Mike Jungers, Ryan Reed, Kent Thomas, Ken McClure, Clif Smart

Actions of Meeting

Meeting called to order at 11:03 AM

Approval of Agenda:  Motion to approve, second.  Agenda approved with no changes.

Approval of Minutes:  Motion to approve, second.  Minutes approved for June meeting with no changes.

Chair’s Report

  • The common reader is here.  Please pick up after the meeting and read Chapters 1-3 for discussion at the August meeting.
  • Shared Leave Committee. We need a member to represent staff. Kent Thomas was asked to speak to this.  Kent shared the history of the Shared Leave Policy and the work of the committee.  He asked that Staff Senate reappoint Peggy Jones to a 2 year appointment on the committee for consistency sake.
    • Motion made. Second.  Approved, Peggy Jones has been reappointed for a 2 year term.
  • Staff Senate Expectations
    • Come to Staff Senate Meetings and Events
    • Read the minutes, review the website www.missouristate.edu/staffsenate and be aware of what is happening within staff senate and campus.
    • We are a voice for staff here at MSU
    • Create relationships with faculty colleagues
    • Brenda Stewart asked that committees communicate with each other.
    • Align our staff senate with the Public Affairs Missions
      • Reaching out to Faculty Senate and Student Government
      • Clif Smart and Ken McClure are here today to be part of our discussion.

Chair Elect’s Report

  • Apology for Drury/Swim meet attire
  • Please use the Staff Senate email staffsenate@missouristate.edu
  • Discussion of Staff Senate Polo’s
    • Work will be done on this and costs and best way to handle polos for new staff senators and returners. Look for more information in the future
    • Motion to get new shirts, second. Approved.

Past Chair’s Report

  • The final Board of Governors meeting was a chance to thank them for the year of support and tell them that Andrea was the new Chair and we look forward to strengthen our relationships and work.

Secretary/Treasurer Report

  • Reported by Scott in Kelly’s Absence

Operating Budget

  • End Balance of A Account $275.21
  • Beginning Balance was $2,200.00
    • Cost of Common Reader cost was $313.60
    • Balance is $1,886.40

Activity Budget (B Account)

  • Balance is $705.59

Director of Staff Relations Report

  • Constituents List – No longer using this
    • The process was not working and some folks were receiving information and others were not.
      • Staff Senate will now send out monthly communication
      • It was a grand experiment and it did not work.
      • The monthly communication to all staff will be more streamlined and useful
      • Please sign up for committees

Committee Reports

  • Bylaws – Kelly Cara
    • No Report
  • Denim Days Committee – Andrea Weber
    • No Report
  • Public Affairs Committee – Gary Stafford
    • Working on an Ethical Leaderships Workshop with HR and Faculty.  Look for this soon.
  • Public Relations Committee – Brenda Stewart
    • We continue to go to HR New Staff Orientation
      • 65 new staff members from 40 departments this past year
    • We can help communicate, MSU BLOG
    • Looking at a Survey and Membership Drive
  • Scholarship Committee – Andrew Garton
    • Last year’s goal was to raise $1000.00
      • Total we raised $2101.80
    • Goal for this coming year will be $1000.00
    • Balance of Account: $3763.81
      • 2 Scholarships will be paid at $500 each
      • Rae Ann Rockwell BSE Art
      • Ashley Crawford HRA
    • Plans:
      • New Members
      • No Five and Dime
      • Will do the luncheon
      • Ovations Fundraisers
  • Staff Activities Committee – Chair Needed
    • Tent Theater
      • Went very well
      • Good turnout
  • Staff Excellence
    • No Report
  • MSU Administrative Professional Forum Committee – Sandy Johnson
    • August 7th Register in my Learning Connections
    • Rooms, reservations, and refreshments 11:30 – 1:30
    • November 6th Karls Hall - Jay Huff - Staff Transportation & Parking
    • Annually invite Computer Services

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • None

Open Forum

  • Direction of Staff Senate
    • Can we look at Staff Senate being able to use classes benefit.  Common complaint that supervisors will not let staff use this University Benefit.
    • Promote Understanding, remove isolation
    • Tell our story to the masses
    • Bigger, better, and build on the foundation
    • Reduces serving in a silo
    • More self-promotion – website
  • Clif Smart
    • “I appreciate you.”  I am here for you, please send me personal notes if you want to.  If we continue our focus on the students that is what makes our jobs rewarding.
  • Reminders
    • Pick up your common reader
    • Contact Scott if you need something over the next month. Andrea will be in Columbia working on her doctorate program.
    • Director of Staff Relations will send list of members who signed up for committees.
    • SGA Representative – Lindsay
      • “We really appreciate you!” If there is anything SGA can do to work with staff senate, support you, please let her know.


  • Meeting adjourned at 12:00pm

Respectfully submitted by Dixie L Williams, Past Chair