Missouri State University
Christy Ha

Christy Ha

  • Major: Spanish
  • Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO
  • Study Away Program: ISEP - Universidad de Murcia
  • Country: Spain

International Friendships from MSU become Second Family Abroad

Christy Ha is studying abroad for a full year in Murcia, Spain. The friendships she formed with international students at MSU helped her make the transition to Spanish life. 

What's your favorite Spanish drink? Kalimotxo and Estrella

What’s been the biggest challenge to living abroad for a full year? Adjusting to a whole new system of thinking and organization

Favorite Spanish saying or idiom that we don’t have in English? "Vale!" This word can really be used for anything: a filler, okay, you’re right, etc.

How did meeting international students at Missouri State help with your transition? First off, the international students at Missouri State became my family as I traveled throughout Europe. I spent my entire Christmas in Belgium with my best friend and his family, who I met while he was studying abroad for a semester. I will be spending a week with my friends from Paris, some time in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and Holland as well—all with people I met through Missouri State. Not only did I learn about other customs and cultures, but I also gained an international family through MSU.

One food you miss from the States? Peanut butter!

One thing you will miss about Spain when you return home? I will miss the people the most, but also hiking in the beautiful mountains and laying out on the beach all in the same day! And the bakeries. I probably spent about 60% of my time in the bakeries here. 

Advice for future students wanting to study abroad?
Jump right in when you arrive! Don’t waste a single moment to get your feet wet and experience the culture. Also, don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path and find your own “regular” place and hot spots.