Missouri State University
Alexandria Killion

Alexandria Killion

  • Major: Pre-Medicine
  • High School: Parkview High School
  • Hometown: Springfield

Student’s diagnosis: Her hometown University is the best choice for her pre-medical studies

Alexandria has lived in Springfield a few times — her military family was here when she was young, moved around, then came back. Now she’s enjoying the town as a college student.

You have some family ties to MSU! What are those?

My sister has taken international business classes on campus, and my mom is now on campus! She just started taking pre-nursing classes.

What activities do you do on campus?

I am in Honors College, and I am the videographer for the football team. That has been my work-study job since freshman year. I tape all the practices and games, and get to travel!

Why did you choose Missouri State?

Since I was about kindergarten-age, anytime someone asked what I wanted to be I would say “a doctor.” I started looked at Ivy League schools and private schools because I thought they were “big names,” but their scholarships would only cover part of my tuition. I wanted a school that would put me closer to my goals but not be too expensive. I was looking for somewhere that felt like home; somewhere I didn’t feel like I was put out on my own. That was Missouri State.

Are you happy with your choice?

Oh yeah. Missouri State is competitive with big-name schools. The curriculum is just as challenging here, but it is way cheaper than a lot of those schools.

Describe the people at Missouri State.

Really friendly. I have yet to meet a mean person. If you have your hands full, someone will open the door for you. People will help you pick up your stuff if you drop it. Everyone is very helpful too. It’s very easy to find study groups.

Do you think Missouri State is a good value?

Yes! It was the most affordable school I looked at, by thousands. I have a Multicultural Leadership Scholarship, which pays for my tuition. Getting a scholarship was really easy. I went to MSU’s admissions website, and they list all the scholarships. You can get some automatically by applying to school and some by filling out applications. This is one you apply for, so I applied and got it!

What is your favorite thing about being a student here?

My teachers. Even though they’re really nice and really funny, I still feel like I’m being challenged. They don’t want you just to memorize something; they actually want you to live it. And they really do help their students. If you email them, they will email you back. If you walk into a professor’s office after class, they will talk with you and go over things with you.

What has been your favorite class outside your major?

“Hero and Quest” with Dr. Stephen Trobisch. We would read books, watch movies and have class discussions about what makes a hero. Dr. Trobisch was born in Africa, then he moved to Germany and he speaks, like, seven different languages. He is an awesome teacher!

What will surprise local students who come to Missouri State?

How much stuff there is to do on campus! I like that there’s always a booth set up somewhere, there’s always someone giving a talk — there’s always something happening where people are gathered. You can just go and mix with people.

How easy is it to get involved if you live off campus, like you do?

You have the option of being really involved. When you log into your student account, there is something called CampusLINK. You can click on there to join just about any student group you could possibly dream of. And when you walk into PSU, there are sign-up sheets for clubs.

What is a campus secret you discovered after you were a student here?

Just off National Avenue, there is a sculpture you can play on — you sit down in these little parts of it, and they spin. It’s really fun!

What is your favorite place to study?

The library. I don’t have a car, and I live at home, so I need a home base on campus. The library has everything I could want, all in one place. I can study anywhere, there’s Wi-Fi, the basement is really quiet and there’s a café.

Have you used any career resources on campus?

My Freshman Honors Seminar class met with the Career Center. They showed us how to access their resources and told us about internships and job-shadowing opportunities.

What is your favorite thing about Springfield?

The food! There are so many good local restaurants. I like to go downtown for The Cup (cupcake bakery), Whisler’s (hamburgers) and Flame (steakhouse).

What do you like to do with your friends?

Normally we go downtown. We see movies — Hollywood Theater’s student discounts are the greatest. We also take our dogs to Jordan Valley Park (I have Romeo, a tiny and fluffy dog)! I also like the First Friday Art Walks and going to the Bistro Market store for gelato.