Missouri State University
Blaine Morehead

Blaine Morehead

  • Commercial Graphics Editor/Designer
  • Indianapolis, Indiana
  • BFA in Electronic Arts, Animation emphasis

Computer Animation in the real world

MSU Electronic Arts graduate, animation emphasis, continues to grow in his industry.

Where you are currently working/studying:
I am working in Indianapolis, IN, at a post production company called Scofield Editorial (http://scofieldedit.com/) where I mainly design and execute motion graphics and compositions for commericials, web videos and corporate videos. I occasionally have the opportunity to do photography (video or otherwise) for the company as well. 


How did your education at MSU prepare you for the field you are in?
The Electronic Arts program taught me how to be a good teacher. This is extremely important in this industry. Companies just want to see your work and they'll hire you if its good. It's important to keep up with the latest technology and programs to succeed. There is an art to being self-taught that is very important. And I think that's the most useful advice I could give future students as well. 

I was encouraged most by the small classes and great instructors that enhanced my ability to learn as an Electronic Arts student.