Missouri State University
Kelsea Shaw

Kelsea Shaw

  • Elementary Art teacher
  • Lakeland, Florida
  • Bachelor in Art Education

Inspiring minds in many classrooms

MSU Art Education graduate takes unique experiences in to the field

Degree program:
Art Education

Where you are currently working:
Jesse Keen Elementary, Lakeland FL

Description of what you're doing:
Teaching art to students in grades kindergarten through fourth.

How did your education at MSU prepare you for the field you are in: 
I had numerous opportunities to work with children of all ages and backgrounds during my time at Missouri State and really enjoyed the service learning opportunities I was required to complete for my Art Education classes. It gave me experience teaching art in non-traditional settings like the Green County Justice system. Most of my teachers were extremely knowledgeable and had teaching experience themselves. I had a great student teaching experience and have had an amazing first and second year of teaching art.

What was your favorite part about the Art + Design Department?
I loved having the same teachers for multiple classes through out the years and getting to know all my teachers.