Missouri State University
Adam Bowlin

Adam Bowlin

  • Graphic Designer and Animator
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • BFA: Graphic Design, minor in Animation

Graphic Design - A Sweet Deal

Graphic Design Graduate from MSU

Degree program:
BFA Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Animation

Where you are currently working:
The Marlin Company, Springfield, Mo

Brief description of your job:
Graphic Designer and Animator. Doing work for clients such as Starbucks, Sweet Street Desserts, Bush's, etc.

How did your education at MSU prepare you for the field you are in?:
The education at Missouri State exposed me to many different views thanks to the wide range of backgrounds of the professors. I was taught the importance of gaining experience while you're in school whether it’s through freelance jobs or by way of internships. I got a job working for the University as a designer that helped prepare me for the real world. That experience taught me how to handle multiple projects, meet deadlines and a lot more.

What was your favorite part about the Art + Design Department?:
The letterpress.