Missouri State University

Drew Rogers

  • Mediator, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Kansas City, Missouri

Military veteran discovered new challenges and rewards during graduate school

Drew Rogers found his vocation during his time as a graduate assistant for the Center for Dispute Resolution, where he began working in mediation. 

By the time Drew Rogers arrived at Missouri State's Graduate College, he'd already accomplished a lot.

As a 19-year-old, he qualified for the Navy's submarine unit -- ultimately passing a series of demanding tests to become part of the team that built the U.S.S. Jimmy Carter.

Periscope liberty 

Occassionally, Drew recalls of his life on the submarine, the navigator would put up the sub's periscope. Drew and his fellow submariners would crowd around to peer through the lens -- eager for a glimpse of life above the ocean's surface, something they called "periscope liberty." 

Those moments of sun and sky sustained Drew as he coped with life near the seafloor. They also taught him to look for possibility in the smallest glimpse. 

A new calling 

The G.I. Bill helped Drew go to college, and following graduation, he began considering graduate school, which he knew would put him on the path to lasting career fulfillment.

"I think if I'd never met Char... I certainly don't feel like I'd be as happy." 

The Department of Veterans Affairs helped Drew find Missouri State's Master of Social Work program, and from there Drew added a Master of Administrative Studies to his curriculum. Hearing Dr. Char Berquist of Missouri State's Center for Dispute Resolution (CDR) speak led him to seek out a graduate assistantship at the CDR, something he describes as an "opportunity I might not have had anywhere else." 

In this role, Drew became involved in mediation for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which ultimately led to his current position -- his "dream job" -- as the alternative dispute resolution mediator for the Kansas City region of the EEOC.  

When asked about his work, Drew's passion is clear. He says, "The best part about mediation is that when you're going through the mediation, there's a resolution at the end, and people can open up at the end and the light can go off and say... 'Whatever chapter of my life was causing me all this pain, it can close right now'... It's really awesome to see."