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  • Hannah Kelly

    Hannah Kelly

    The affordability and location of Missouri State University-West Plains’ allowed Hannah to run a steady business and work toward a bachelor’s degree.

  • Keegan Harper

    Keegan Harper

    Born and raised in West Plains, Keegan is on track to build a long-term nursing career.

  • Matthew Hoth

    Matthew Hoth

    Matthew Hoth learns something new every day at Missouri State University-West Plains.

  • Morgan Kinder

    Morgan Kinder

    Morgan expresses her love for Missouri State University-West Plains and the opportunities awaiting the college life.

  • Shannon L. Ford

    Shannon L. Ford

    After serving our country in the US Navy, Shannon Ford wants to continue to help others through the nursing program at Missouri State University-West Plains.

  • William Hatcher

    William Hatcher

    William Hatcher is a U.S. Veteran who plans to learn effective ways to teach math, thanks to Missouri State University-West Plains.

  • Myriah Renee Mestas

    Myriah Renee Mestas

    Myriah is figuring her career goals out one at a time at Missouri State-West Plains.

  • Darrius Young

    Darrius Young

    Missouri State-West Plains ‘wants to see students like me succeed’

  • Micaela Wiehe

    Micaela Wiehe

    Micaela Wiehe is not sure what career path she wants to pursue, but Missouri State University-West Plains is helping her build an educational foundation for that career when she decides.

  • Zach Kaufman

    Zach Kaufman

    Zach Kaufman knows a good deal when he sees one. With Missouri State-West Plains, he saw everything he needed in a college close to home.

  • Steven Steele

    Steven Steele

    A college education wouldn't have been possible for Steven Steele if Missouri State University-West Plains had not been nearby.

  • Casey Carlton

    Casey Carlton

    Student Spotlight on Casey Carlton