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  • Gary Phillips

    Gary Phillips

    Don’t eliminate opportunities just because they don’t fit into your plan. Use this time to learn as much as you can for the pure joy of learning.

  • Craig Albin

    Craig Albin

    I always knew I wanted to be a writer. I thought I could help people approach the study of literature as a process through which they study life.

  • James Hart

    James Hart

    Life-long learning is mandatory in this field. Technology is advancing exponentially, so it is a challenge to keep up; strive to do just that.

  • David White

    David White

    Follow your dream. Do what you love. If you love your career and find happiness in your job, the money will follow.

  • Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    I decided to specialize in geography only at the graduate level

  • Tresa Ryan

    Tresa Ryan

    I have 22-plus years of healthcare experience in many areas

  • Jason McCollom

    Jason McCollom

    I was an undecided major until my sophomore year

  • Dasha Russell

    Dasha Russell

    I took an accounting course in high school and really enjoyed it.

  • Lisa Clifford

    Lisa Clifford

    Lisa Clifford found Missouri State University-West Plains was a good fit for her educational needs.

  • Mike Driscoll

    Mike Driscoll

    Mike has learned to think differently and challenge himself mentally here at Missouri State-West Plains, which will help him in his future career as a Navy SEAL.

  • Ryan Evans

    Ryan Evans

    Ryan Evans doesn’t know where his next step will take him, but he does know Missouri State University-West Plains prepared him for whatever that step will be.

  • Kendra Barnard

    Kendra Barnard

    Kendra chose to attend Missouri State University-West Plains because it gave her the opportunity to attend college with A+ for free. As a result, she's made friendships that will last forever.

  • Lance Parker

    Lance Parker

    Missouri State-West Plains has become a second home to Lance.

  • Otha Bell

    Otha Bell

    Otha is very involved on campus serving as a Student Ambassador, a member of the Grizzly Cheer Team and Student Government Association.