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  • BreAnna Combs

    BreAnna Combs

    "The faculty and staff have always been right there to help!"

  • Rachel Peterson

    Rachel Peterson

    "A college education can truly change an individual’s life."

  • Michael Harrington

    Michael Harrington

    Living the dream

  • D'ette Miller

    D'ette Miller

    “Seriously consider West Plains as you start your plunge into being an adult ..."

  • Ashton Vonallmen

    Ashton Vonallmen

    “My experience here has been very eye-opening.”

  • Brooke Johnson

    Brooke Johnson

    “I have made some great friends, and I have enjoyed my classes.”

  • Kayla Perry

    Kayla Perry

    “My academic adviser is brilliant and extremely helpful in assisting me with planning my education.”

  • Sarah Amburgy

    Sarah Amburgy

    “Each thing I learn is beneficial to me in my future career and future college courses.”

  • Justin Butkovich

    Justin Butkovich

    “That experience is something I will never forget.”

  • Allie Hickerson

    Allie Hickerson

    “My favorite thing about Missouri State-West Plains has been building new relationships with the staff and students I have met.”

  • Stefan Lakic

    Stefan Lakic

    “People on campus and in West Plains are very kind and willing to help you with whatever you need.”

  • Chrisy Barnes

    Chrisy Barnes

    "I am currently in a position I thought was unattainable." 

  • Nick Openshaw

    Nick Openshaw

    "The atmosphere at West Plains was a perfect fit.” 

  • Drew Bledsoe

    Drew Bledsoe

    “I would not trade the opportunities presented to me at this college for anything”

  • Aprill Gray

    Aprill Gray

    “My experience here has been magnificent so far.”

  • Dillon Cordel

    Dillon Cordel

    “There is a huge variety of opportunities for students who want to branch out or experience something new and exciting”

  • Jacob Rader

    Jacob Rader

    “I have changed so much from the person I was in high school”

  • Billie Randle

    Billie Randle

    My experience here has been “overwhelmingly positive”

  • Alex Priest

    Alex Priest

    “Through MSU, I got to live abroad and attend school tuition-free”

  • Stanley Mugeki

    Stanley Mugeki

    "The most rewarding thing for me is the spirit of teamwork." 

  • Luke England

    Luke England

    "The more involved on campus I became, the better my experience was."

  • Lee Shelton

    Lee Shelton

    "Learn for the sake of learning"

  • Rebekah McLean

    Rebekah McLean

    College was an eye-opening experience

  • Nadia Pshonyak

    Nadia Pshonyak

    A passion for helping others took Nadia far. 

  • Dr. Josh Cotter

    Dr. Josh Cotter

    Making a difference close to home. 

  • Lorin Trick

    Lorin Trick

    "This was truly my launching pad into the future." 

  • Tony Ary

    Tony Ary

    "I learned that ‘I can’ at Missouri State-West Plains ..."

  • Mark White

    Mark White

    “I tell people I get to come to work and see my friends every day.”


  • Sharon Holland

    Sharon Holland

    “Go to classes and stick with it, because it’s easy to get behind.”

  • Dr. Linda Wulff-Risner

    Dr. Linda Wulff-Risner

    Opportunities are endless ... 

  • Dr. Kathleen Morrison

    Dr. Kathleen Morrison

    I truly believe the current generation is our best generation yet, 

  • Alex Pinnon

    Alex Pinnon

    Education helps us make a history we can all be proud of.

  • Dr. Renee Keith

    Dr. Renee Keith

    Find your passion ... 

  • Dr. Joseph

    Dr. Joseph "Kip" Rugutt

    Never give up ... 

  • Brenda Smith

    Brenda Smith

    Remember you still have to take care of yourself ... 

  • Leigh Adams

    Leigh Adams

    Choose your major and your path not because of what it will pay you but because you genuinely love it. 

  • Joyce Jennings-Pineda

    Joyce Jennings-Pineda

    Meeting and embracing the challenges in your academic career will have lasting positive effects on your life.

  • Gracie McMenamy

    Gracie McMenamy

    I love the campus size. It’s not too big or too small ...

  • Blair Cook

    Blair Cook

    It’s important to be as active as you can within your campus ...

  • Weston Phipps

    Weston Phipps

    The Honors Program has taught me more about human thinking and ideals than anything else ...

  • Cindy Bridges

    Cindy Bridges

    “Reach out and ask for help when you need it …”

  • Sylvia Kuhlmeier

    Sylvia Kuhlmeier

    “Get to know your librarian.”

  • Darian Williams

    Darian Williams

    There is an openness to the campus, a freedom of involvement and interaction.

  • Lekisha Hernandez

    Lekisha Hernandez

    I NEEDED to go to this school ...

  • Cory Neal

    Cory Neal

    I love being able to achieve my higher education goals while being able to stay close to home!

  • Douglas Cooley II

    Douglas Cooley II

    I view my life, and the way I do things, differently now ...

  • Lindsey Hicks

    Lindsey Hicks

    I have made lifelong friends through this program ...

  • Katelyn Grogan

    Katelyn Grogan

    The campus has become like a second home to me ...

  • Sage Roush

    Sage Roush

    I have learned just how important it is to keep an open mind to new ideas and thoughts. 

  • Courtney Smith

    Courtney Smith

    The campus had everything I needed to start the journey of reaching my future goals.

  • Sabrina Seiber

    Sabrina Seiber

    My experience as Missouri State-West Plains has helped me grow as a person.

  • Kenna Belcher

    Kenna Belcher

    Kenna fulfills her dream of going to college at Missouri State-West Plains.


  • Shannon Milbrandt

    Shannon Milbrandt

    I have learned so much, more than I ever thought I would.

  • Sherrie Gregory

    Sherrie Gregory

    The Missouri State-West Plains experience has helped foster individual growth. 

  • Christina Kerley

    Christina Kerley

    “This campus has some of the best resources available.”

  • Laurie Wall

    Laurie Wall

    “Utilize the resources we have on campus.” 

  • Jared Cates

    Jared Cates

    "That's my passion, to see students thriving ..." 

  • Dawn Dionne

    Dawn Dionne

    “Don’t give up.”

  • Mary Kellum

    Mary Kellum

    “Be intentional and expect that you’re going to do it.”

  • Tina Lawrence

    Tina Lawrence

    I can tailor my curriculum to fit my life.

  • Vernetta Frost

    Vernetta Frost

    "I feel welcome and a part of the Missouri State-West Plains family."

  • Katey Smith

    Katey Smith

    When I first made the choice to attend school here at Missouri State University-West Plains, it was because I wanted to stay local to pursue a nursing degree...

  • Alice Sullivan

    Alice Sullivan

    Alice Sullivan credits the Missouri State-West Plains campus in Mountain Grove with helping her make the transition from high school to college.

  • Ralph Jenkins

    Ralph Jenkins

    Attending the Missouri State-West Plains campus in Mountain Grove has allowed Ralph Jenkins to pursue his education while staying close to home.

  • Austin Williamson

    Austin Williamson

    I plan to find a career in teaching.

  • Kwamain Hall

    Kwamain Hall

    I looked at the classes and liked what I saw, so I decided to achieve my goals here.

  • Amy Ackerson

    Amy Ackerson

    My mother has been a nurse for over 35 years. I did not intend to go to nursing school, but I feel like the profession chose me.

  • Dr. Seongchun Kwon

    Dr. Seongchun Kwon

    I like abstract generalizations of geometric concepts, spaces and objects.

  • Aimee Green

    Aimee Green

    Respiratory care is challenging mentally and emotionally at times.

  • Jerry Trick

    Jerry Trick

    I have always had an aptitude for mathematics-I like it, it makes sense, I like finding the answer!

  • Frank Priest

    Frank Priest

    I see beauty everywhere. I also believe in the creation of beauty; therefore, I specialized in writing as a way to interpret and to express unique life experiences.

  • Dr. Phillip Howerton

    Dr. Phillip Howerton

    I meet approximately 100 new people every semester...

  • Barbara Caton

    Barbara Caton

    Nursing is a great profession...

  • Dr. Gary Phillips

    Dr. Gary Phillips

    Don’t eliminate opportunities just because they don’t fit into your plan.

  • Dr. Craig Albin

    Dr. Craig Albin

    I always knew I wanted to be a writer...

  • James Hart

    James Hart

    Life-long learning is mandatory...

  • David White

    David White

    Follow your dream. Do what you love.

  • Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    Dr. Rajiv Thakur

    I decided to specialize in geography only at the graduate level

  • Tresa Ryan

    Tresa Ryan

    I have 22-plus years of healthcare experience in many areas

  • Dr. Jason McCollom

    Dr. Jason McCollom

    I was an undecided major until my sophomore year