Missouri State University
Chase Thompson

Chase Thompson

  • Major: Marketing
  • Hometown: Walker, Missouri

"Eight thousand pairs of eyes will get you out of your comfort zone..."

As Boomer the Bear, Chase Thompson found a way to connect with the crowd, and he followed that interest to a new career choice.  

Becoming Boomer

Chase Thompson came to Springfield from the small town of Walker, Missouri looking for an adventure at Missouri State. He found it by taking on a unique role—Boomer the Bear.

It all started when Thompson showed up to an MSU volleyball game for his audition. “I was told to suit up; my audition was the game. I had never been a mascot before, so I didn’t even know how to put on the suit. At first I even put Boomer's shirt on backwards,” said Thompson.

“Once the band struck up the fight song, I just started dancing. I wiggled, shook and goofed around for the crowd to enjoy. I fell in love with it right then. When I finished up the game, I was offered the spot as Boomer the Bear!”

"I want a career where I interact with people..." 

Thompson performed as Boomer for four years, during which he became quite comfortable. “My work as Boomer is what brought me out of my shell. It taught me to take some risks to entertain,” said Thompson.

Even though he no longer plays the dancing bear, Thompson’s time as Boomer points to another interest of his—marketing. He’s a people person, and he wants the voices of others to be heard. “I know how to interact with people, and I know how to connect. Much of marketing and sales is about meeting others' needs,” said Thompson.

Although he initially declared a history major, Thompson decided to study marketing and business instead. “I had a change of heart and realized that, while history is certainly a passion of mine, I want to make my way in the competitive business world.”

"I feel confident to perform any duties or projects..." 

Thompson believes his degree has prepared him to transition from college into the work force. “My marketing classes gave me an excellent mixture of lecture-based information and performance-based exercises. I have the knowledge base necessary to fend for myself in the professional world, and being prepared makes me feel confident,” said Thompson.

When he's not thinking about a marketing career, Thompson likes being active, going to the Rec Center, hiking and training for a Tough Mudder competition. He’s also a die-hard fan of Missouri sports and supports the Rams, Royals, Cardinals, and - of course - the Missouri State Bears.