Missouri State University
Joshua Li and Greg Donnell

Joshua Li and Greg Donnell

Students develop mobile app to help visitors navigate campus

Two students, Greg Donnell and Joshua Li, have developed a mobile app that has the potential to give prospective students tours and help current students find buildings/ 

Two Missouri State University students have developed a mobile app that will help users find their way to and around campus.

Computer science students Greg Donnell and Joshua Li produced the app as a summer project to help both new and returning students navigate to places on campus via GPS and other smartphone features. The app currently runs on Android devices and could be further developed to operate via iOS and the web.

“The purpose of the app is to help a user navigate the Missouri State campus with maps and information about the campus buildings such as location, description and offices that are inside the building,” said Greg Donnell.

“The app’s best feature is that it can quickly give you information that will get you to the correct location. It is also simplistic which allows the user to navigate quickly and efficiently."

Not only does the app guide users to permanent buildings and landmarks on campus, but could also be used to lead students to temporary locations, such a check-in point for an athletic camp or event.

“Further development could also allow for other features to be added, such as campus tour that shows visitors significant buildings on campus and their importance to the university and a newsfeed on the homepage to highlight special events,” stated Donnell.

The app could also allow for a visual walking and driving path that would provide a pathway for users to follow as they navigate to their location.

“One advanced feature we would love to add is augmented reality through the camera displaying a path, such as a glowing trail (for gamers) or bread crumbs,” said Li.

Li said the app is simplistic enough for even first-time smartphone users, but has all the details and information needed to show the user how to get to the correct location.