Missouri State University
Ashley Peery

Ashley Peery

Future accountant soars thrives with accomplishments

Ashley Peery has a bright future in business fueled by her passion for accounting. 

Future businesswoman and Missouri State University graduate student Ashley Peery is making her mark in the accounting field.

In the past year, Peery earned three prestigious accounting scholarships, including being one of five winners worldwide for the Institute of Management Accountant (IMA) Scholarship. Recipients are selected based on academics, leadership, character and communication skills.

Peery has also earned scholarships from the national and local chapters of the American Society of Women Accountants.

Peery’s love for accounting began in high school in her hometown of Mexico, Mo.

“I first became interested in business in high school when my statistics class did a competitive project. I really enjoyed it, and I actually won the competition.”

Peery chose to pursue accounting as her future career path because of its diversity.

“My favorite thing about accounting is that there are so many types of accounting careers,” she said. “I appreciate that fact not only because of the high job security, but also because I will be able to use a variety of my skills throughout my career.”

Peery is active in many different organizations on campus.

She has served as president and secretary of the Accounting Club and will remain president of the club throughout the 2013-14 school year. Peery is also a member of the Dean’s Student Leadership Council and the College of Business Ambassadors.

Although Peery stays busy with many academic organizations, she still maintains excellent grades and puts lots of time into planning for her future career endeavors.

Upon graduating with her MBA in May 2014, Peery would like to pursue a career in private industry management accounting.

“I am interested in management/cost accounting because you are able to see the big picture and help make decisions that have a major impact on the company. At some point in my career, I hope to also get involved with recruiting because I would love to help my company attract and retain talented businessmen and women.”