Missouri State University
Besim Huskic

Besim Huskic

  • User-experience/Front-end Developer
  • Kansas City, MO
  • BS, Marketing (Advertising and Promotion)

Graduate finds success in the dynamic world of Web development

Mutual experience with Missouri State's award-winning Ad Team helped Besim Huskic connect with his future employer.

After earning his degree from Missouri State, Besim Huskic went to work for 40Digits, a Web development company specializing in user-experience design for ad agencies and in-house marketing departments. “I work with clients before their projects go into design and development—planning their projects, researching their audiences and developing wireframe designs that create cohesive experiences for users.”

Flexing his marketing know-how in a rapidly changing industry

In 2013, Huskic’s role began to slowly transform from user-experience developer to more of a front-end developer. “It involves not only how we view sites but also how they’re actually developed. For example, the market is now saturated with mobile users,” Huskic said. “As web developers, we are now expected to deliver a great experience through multiple device platforms: mobile, tablet and desktop.”

One of the major advantages of getting a marketing degree, Huskic believes, is that it teaches you to apply classroom concepts and theories in real-world settings. “My education has given me a big advantage in my field. As a user-experience/front-end developer, my overall goal is to positively affect user experience, which is critical to the overall brand. I also need to meet the goals and needs of my clients, which include branding, visual design, usability testing, user research and prototyping and concepts—and many others. The quality and flexibility of my education allowed me to apply my marketing knowledge within the digital arena.”

Connecting with others is key to success

Working with others in a group environment is necessary for most jobs, and Huskic cultivated strong people skills during his marketing education. “In my advertising and promotion classes, I participated in many team projects. I currently work in a small team environment, and we all depend on each other’s execution to finish projects and meet goals. Having group project experience going into my current position was a tremendous help!” Huskic said.

When asked for advice to current marketing students, Huskic recommends staying involved and taking time to learn new things. “When I sent my résumé to 40Digits, I applied as a front-end developer. However, only after talking with one of the owners did I realize he was part of the MSU Ad Team several years ago. Even though it was only a small connection, it helped me secure a position in user-experience design. MSU has many active clubs and extracurricular programs. Not only will you make lasting connections in them, but they’ll help give you an edge over your competition.”