Missouri State University

Jen Humphrey

  • Major: Exercise and Movement Science
  • High School: Bloomington High School
  • Hometown: Bloomington, Ill.
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Activities: Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Phi Eta Sigma honor society, intramural sports

Jen, who is from Illinois, was convinced by her mom to take a tour — and ended up loving the campus and the price. Now she's found a major that incorporates her passion for fitness.

'I am so glad I picked Missouri State, but I almost didn’t!'

During your college search, what led you to look at Missouri State?

I am so glad I picked Missouri State, but I almost didn't! I didn't look at any schools in Missouri at first. I was set on going to a small school to play volleyball, and my mom made me apply here because she knew there were better scholarships than in Illinois. I was like: “I’m not going there, mom!” She said: “We’re gonna go visit.” So we took the drive down here, and the next day I said: “That’s where I want to go! I want to stay there!”

What made you so sure this was the place for you?

I felt comfortable and enjoyed the tour I took. It’s a big school with a small-school feel. I knew could be walking to class and be guaranteed to see at least three people I knew. And I love that, because I feel most comfortable when I know people.

Did price and value play a role in choosing MSU?

Yes. I definitely think this school is one of the greatest values I could have found. This is a very affordable school, especially with the scholarships that are available.

How did you choose your major?

I came in undecided. Sports have been my life since I was growing up, and I have always enjoyed exercising and being active — I would much rather be outside running around than sitting inside watching TV! I've always been interested in how the human body works, and I knew I wanted to help people. Physical therapy is a great way to mix both, and my major is one of the best options to prepare for physical therapy school.

Tell us about your relationship with your professors.

I really like most of my professors, especially the ones in my major. I enjoy my chemistry professor. I’ve had him two semesters in a row, and I picked him both times because he really knows how to teach and he cares about his students — that’s his main thing: “You guys need to understand this, and if you don’t my office is always open.” That’s a big deal to me. I am here for an education so I have to know my professors care about me.

What do you do on campus for fun?

I really do enjoy the intramural sports; i play volleyball, soccer and flag football. And I love the new rec center

Where are some good places to hang out on campus?

I am in anatomy right now, and that is literally my life. If I have a test the next week, don’t plan on seeing me unless you’re in the library, cause that’s my new home! I also love the PSU (Plaster Student Union). I love that we have Starbucks and it’s on my Boomer Meals card, meaning my mom is paying for me to get Starbucks every day! Oh, whoops, she might not know that. But, really, she’s really paying for me to stay awake in class.

What would you say to students worried about leaving friends in another state?

I am kind of shocked that I came here, because I was the only one from my high school! But I have made so many great friends who I feel I have known forever. I had one of THE best floors when I lived in Freddy. We went out together, we ate dinner together, we studied together, we did almost everything together. That was my solid group, and that really made me feel like I belonged here.

How easy is it to get back home?

I don’t have a car, but I have several friends here from Illinois. I can get a ride with them, or get a ride to St. Louis and the Amtrak train can take me home. It drops me right off in Bloomington.

You’re going to Spain! Tell us about that.

Next semester I plan to complete my minor in Malaga, Spain, and travel all around Europe. Malaga is a little southern coastal city and I chose it because of its location. I am going to be happy in a sunny city right next to the beach. I am frequently at the study-away office downtown and they’re very helpful. They have helped me become confident in going abroad.

Describe the student body of Missouri State.

Very supportive of each other. … I feel like everyone’s always there for each other. And that’s a nice place to be.

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