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Kaitlyn Ramsey

Kaitlyn Ramsey

Although it took her some time to decide on her major, Kaitlyn settled on computer information systems. With a promising internship, she will soon continue the tradition of Missouri State in her family.

A Senior with Wisdom for Freshmen

"When I first came to Missouri State, I didn't know what major I wanted to have," Kaitlyn said. "A year and a half later, I still wasn't sure! Eventually, I decided on biology." She spent a year and a half in the biology program where she participated in bat research and took a few classes. "It was a great life experience, and I'm glad I did it," she said. "It also taught me that biology wasn't for me."

"I literally sat myself down and started pouring through the list of majors available, asking myself, 'What appeals to me? What skills do I have? And what can I get a job with?' I had always wanted to know more about computers, but my brother graduated with a degree in computer science and I knew I wasn't interested in that. So, I decided that I would be a CIS major."

"I really enjoy the community experience," Kaitlyn says about Missouri State. "The college of business is remarkably helpful at acclimating students to the business environment with mock interviews, career fairs, networking and organizations like AITP, allowing students to get involved and stay informed in their fields of study. The department sends me at least one job listing in my email a week," she said, "so I can look at what employers are looking for in my field. It's great to know the department works so hard to give their students a jump-start in their career."

When asked about advice for incoming freshmen, she said, "I would tell them to talk to their professors. Talk with them about their fields of study, about the class lectures and just get to know them on a personal level. My professors have been the best resource I've had since I came here! I can swing by their office and ask them any questions I have about classes, homework, references or anything really!"

"Also, get plenty of sleep and don't skip out on going to classes," she said. "Most professors give helpful hints about tests [during lectures], and going to class is essential in cutting down on the frustration and study time you'll need later, so why wouldn't you go?"

Kaitlyn's mother, father, brother and sister all attended Missouri State. "My mother is really proud that all three of her children will have college degrees."

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