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Stephen Leggitt

Stephen Leggitt

  • Screenwriter
  • Los Angeles, California
  • BS, Mass Media, 2007

Born in Desoto, Missouri, Stephen has taken a life-long passion and turned it into a career.

A Passion and a Future in Writing

"I don't recall exactly when," Stephen recalls, "but since I was young, I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. It wasn't until high school that I realized while watching television that people actually get paid to write television programs."

Ever since then, Stephen has made it his goal to be a writer both for television and film. "I just enjoy creating worlds and characters. In fact, I am amazed that I can get paid to do something that I love like writing."

Around the time that he graduated from high school, he heard that Missouri State's film program was accomplished and growing, so he decided that he would attend Missouri State.

"I was really lucky that, while I was a student, the department started offering screenwriting classes that focused on the basics of screenwriting." Stephen later wrote a teleplay that won first place in the Broadcast Education Association's Festival of Media Arts in the Speculative TV category.

Stephen viewed his years at Missouri State as a time when he could meet other screenwriters: "My time at Missouri State was a communal experience of meeting other writers. We supported each other in our goals. The program also had lots of talent; there are lots of students from Missouri State that are getting into the film industry successfully."

After graduation, Stephen went to the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Calif. where he currently lives. He teaches online classes here at Missouri State, including the screenwriting class that he credits for helping him get started as a screenwriter. In his free time, he likes hiking, reading, playing tennis and meeting new people.

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