Missouri State University

Molly Stewart

  • Major: Professional Writing
  • High School: Springfield Catholic High School
  • Hometown: Springfield, Mo.

Finding the program to foster her passion

Molly Stewart was surprised a big-time school with a compact campus, comfy residence halls and hundreds of chances to get involved.

Finding the program to foster her passion

Molly plans to edit books for a publishing company someday, so she set out to find a school that could help her follow that passion.

“I was really impressed that you could actually meet with a faculty member here because I couldn’t at the other university."

"I met with Kris Sutliff. She gave me facts about the major on paper. I found out that professional writing majors are the 13th most wanted jobs in American currently. That was really exciting to me,” explains Molly.

“Wow! I didn’t know this.”

Molly, a Springfield native, admits that prior to her campus visit she thought she knew a lot about the University because she had been on campus all her life. “Then, I was really interested in Missouri State because I thought I had known everything about it. But once I actually talked to someone, I thought ‘Wow! I didn’t know this.’”

Ultimately, Molly chose Missouri State because it had the program she was looking for, and its scholarship options made it the best choice for her financially.

As one of the only people to attend Missouri State from her group of high school friends, she was also looking forward to meeting new people when she moved into her residence hall. “I walked down the hallway and knocked on every door. I knew every name on our hallway, and I was proud of that!” she admits. “I met all of my best friends on my floor.”

“That will be one relief, and it was.”

An added bonus of staying close to home for Molly was the convenience factor. “One benefit of going to Missouri State is that you’re not going to have to stress over where you’re at, where you need to be, how to find places or how your peers are going to be. That will be one relief, and it was,” she says. “I didn’t have trouble finding summer jobs or worrying about it because I was already in the same town.”

Being a Springfield native also has its perks for Molly’s new friends and the residents on her floor. “All your friends are going to say, ‘Oh, where’s this?” and you’re going to know exactly where it is, so that makes you feel really nice. You can give them perfect directions,” she says.