Missouri State University
Cassie Artman

Cassie Artman

Student pursues dual interests for band, technology

Computer information systems student Cassie Artman pursues music interest in Pride marching band.

Cassie Artman is a student with two very different interests. A Missouri State University senior with a double major in computer information systems (CIS) and information technology service management, she has also been a member of The Pride marching band for the past four years.

“Being a woman in my degree program is fairly rare, since it’s a male-dominated field; and it’s decidedly rare to find an upperclassman without a music major or minor in the marching band,” said Artman. “My band friends tease me about being a ‘music major who plays the computer.’”

Artman started playing the trumpet in 5th grade before switching to flute (which she still plays) the next year. When it came to her major, though, it took some time and research to decide.

“I came into college very undecided, but loved the computer class I took my first semester,” Artman said. “So I researched the different majors, took a computer programming course and absolutely loved it, which led to changing my major to CIS.”

Her involvement in the band takes a large time commitment, made even more difficult by internships in the field that are expected of CIS majors. She is also an active member of the Delta Sigma Pi profession business fraternity and the Association of Information Technology Professionals.

Despite her busy schedule, Artman feels like the skills from her diverse interests complement each other.

“Being part of the band has taught me to be positive and flexible, and every recruiter who has seen the band on my resume has looked on it very highly,” said Artman. “Going back the other way, I think I bring a little bit of logical thinking and a business-oriented mindset to the band.”

This story was originally published in the Springfield News-Leader on Jan. 23, 2012.