Missouri State University
Michelle Essner

Michelle Essner

Options through construction management

When Michelle Essner was deciding what college to attend, Missouri State’s number of academic programs became a deciding factor. Now as a construction management major, Michelle finds that the options that brought her to Missouri State are what excite her most about her future.

“I chose Missouri State because I liked the location, the price and the abundance of majors that it offered since I didn’t have a declared major when I entered my freshman year,” said Michelle Essner.

When it came to deciding a major, Michelle’s enjoyment of math and architecture led her to the field of construction management. “I really enjoy math and architecture. I liked the idea of being a part of the team that plans and executes the constructing of new buildings, big or small,” explained Michelle.

For Michelle, construction management as a major was appealing because it provided a variety of options for careers upon graduation. “I like that there are different aspects of construction that I can go into after I graduate,” said Michelle. “If you are looking for a degree with options, construction management is a great choice.”

Not only did Michelle find the options she was looking for within her major, but she also quickly learned that the department helps her find options for life after graduation. “One of the greatest things about the department of technology and construction management is the fact that they have their own career fair during the school year,” said Michelle. “It is basically a meet and greet with about 25 companies to learn more about them and the potential opportunities they might have for you as a student and after you’ve graduated.”

Michelle also enjoys the hands-on experience she gains in the classroom. “Many of the classes within the construction management program have labs where you actually get to do the things you are learning about in the classroom,” she said.

She further applied her knowledge and experience by interning with JE Dunn Construction in Kansas City, Mo. By assisting with the Children’s Mercy Hospital Tower addition, Michelle has expanded her knowledge of the construction industry, especially its intersection with health care.

Michelle plans to pursue a career in estimating, a complement to her interest in both the construction process and her minor in accounting.