Missouri State University
Ashley Stech

Ashley Stech

Online graduate program offers flexibility and value

During her work with Groupon, Ashley Stech realized she needed to get a master's degree that was relevant and provided applicable experience.

Career: Currently a market analyst for Groupon

Why I chose Missouri State: A Google search showed me that MSU had an all-online program that was very flexible, which was great for me because I didn’t want to go to a physical classroom. The program is a great value with great reviews. It seemed like the best fit for me, and so far, it has been!

Why I chose my program: I was originally planning on getting my master’s in history after I graduated. I took a year off and fell into working with Groupon. I really like what I do now, so the logical step was to get my MBA. I never would have thought about an MBA five years ago, but it makes sense and fits what I love doing now.

How MSU has prepared me to be a professional in my field: I had to relearn how to manage my time, which is a huge benefit. I’ve learned how to be a problem solver through this graduate program. Everything I learn through my classes I can immediately apply in my job.

My favorite class in the MBA program: Marketing management courses have definitely been my favorite. I want to move forward in my career and learning different kinds of management have allowed me to do that. The class actually affected what I do day-to-day.

The best part of being an online graduate student: I get to pick my schedule! I’m not tied down to have class one night during a certain period of time. If I need to do homework on the weekends, I can. If I have to go to work during the day, I can.