Missouri State University
Elizabeth Bannister

Elizabeth Bannister

  • Global senior brand manager at Energizer Holdings, Inc.
  • St. Louis, Missouri
  • Bachelor’s in marketing, 2000
  • Master of Business Administration, 2008

"I thank MSU for that solid bedrock"

Once Elizabeth Bannister realized that having an MBA was pivotal to being successful in her career, there was only one college she knew she would attend: Missouri State University.

Why I chose MSU: I’m originally from Springfield, Mo., and have always been impressed by Missouri State. The accreditation of the MBA program and the value led me to enroll for both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

How the program helped my career: I realized that having an MBA was the pivotal prerequisite to being successful in my career. I was impressed by how much the professors in my program cared about me and were always there when I needed guidance. I have a strong foundation I’ve been able to build on, and I thank MSU for that solid bedrock.

The best class in the MBA program: International marketing has played so much into my career. I learned how a product could be widely successful in one culture and ultimately fail in another. We studied ethics, and talked about different cultural preferences and how difficult it is for humor to translate. I looked at different case studies demonstrating mistakes other big brands have made, and I learned how to successfully market a global product.

What I do at work: I think the global marketing industry is exhilarating. I’ve come to think about customers’ needs and wants. I generate new ideas for consumers, looking at what they want in a product and how my company can get them there. I believe in Energizer as a brand and I’m excited to work with the future of energy.

My future goals: I ultimately want to own my own business and see the world!