Missouri State University
Richard Lazarus

Richard Lazarus

  • I.T. systems analyst at Hospira
  • Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • Bachelor’s in computer information systems, ’04
  • Master’s in computer information systems, ’13

I.T. professional gains valuable career experience while still in school

Thanks to Missouri State's flexible master's program, Richard Lazarus was able to work in his degree field while earning his degree in computer information systems.

Why I chose Missouri State: I felt the program they offered worked best with my career situation, allowing me to keep working as a professional while being in school. Additionally, I felt the program would be essential to further my professional career and get me into management roles.

How the program helped me advance my career: When I first started the program, I was employed in Joplin, Mo., hoping for advancement. During my first semester of the master’s program, I received an offer to take on a new job.

Career goals: My future career plan is to be either in the management side of the I.T. business, or be in the I.T. field and work from home.

How the degree helped me with my goals: The program challenged me to be more proactive and outspoken. Many I.T. people are introverts, myself included, and I could easily be the most tech-savvy person in the room without the understanding of what it takes to be a good manager and act upon it. The program at MSU made me aware of the traits I needed to become successful.