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Colby and Collin Geringer

Colby and Collin Geringer

Colby and Collin Geringer: MBA students and twin brothers find themselves competing for the same job

In the fall of 2013, both Collin and Colby started the process of applying to and interviewing for post-graduate positions.

Colby and Collin Geringer are twins from Poplar Bluff, Missouri and graduated earlier this month with Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees.  In the fall of 2013, both Collin and Colby started the process of applying to and interviewing for post-graduate positions.  There were a few companies they were both interested in so they knew they might have to compete against each other for a position.  “It happened for us early on and we thought this is a great position and hopefully one of us will get it,” states Collin.

Luckily for the brothers, an additional position at one the companies became available after they both interviewed for a single open position. They were both hired and will start in June as analysts at Nisa Investment Advisors, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri.  “The position is exciting because it has about a nine month rotational component where we will work in different areas such as equities, fixed income accounts, derivatives, etc.  At the end of this time we will be assigned to a permanent position within one of these areas,” states Colby.

Collin and Colby started their undergraduate career at Missouri State in the fall of 2009 and knew they wanted to major in business.  Their inspiration was their father.  He works in banking and exposed them to financial conversations and the stock market at an early age.  “He really provided the foundation for our interest and exposed us to the possibility of having a career in business,” says Collin.

After arriving on campus, the brothers both began working toward their undergraduate degrees.  Collin earned a degree in finance and Colby earned a degree in management.  They both worked during school as supplemental instruction leaders, assisting fellow students with math course work.  They participated in internships as well— Colby with Edward Jones, and Collin with the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City.

After undergrad, the brothers decided to enter the MBA program at Missouri State.  They continued working as well, but this time as graduate assistants in the Finance and General Business department.

“Being a student at Missouri State gave us many opportunities such as the New York City financial markets study away tour and competing in the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) research challenge,” states Collin.  “The CFA competition directly led me to a summer internship with Edward Jones.  Dr. James Scott was part of the competition and I would not have known about the opportunity had it not been for him,” says Colby.

If he could offer one piece of advice to current students, Colby encourages students to start the job search early.  “Don’t be surprised if it takes you a few hours a day to go through company websites and do research.  Start applying at least one semester early and get your name out there.”

At the COB Spring Awards Dinner Colby and Collin were honored as the recipients of the Outstanding Master of Business Administration Award.  The future looks bright for these two and we wish them all the best as they embark on this new stage of their lives at Nisa Investment Advisors, LLC.