Missouri State University

SOAR: Student Orientation, Advisement and Orientation

Computers for Learning Waiver Exam

The Computers for Learning course at Missouri State aims to prepare students to be competent users of today’s technology and to be able to use computer resources to perform specific tasks.

The waiver exam provides students an opportunity to be exempt from the Computers for Learning general education requirement.

About the exam

The exam is free, but registration at least 48 hours in advance is required. The exam will be offered on the afternoon of Day 2 of each SOAR session.

The exam contains a combination of questions regarding:

  • Computer concepts
  • Software and multimedia
  • Email
  • The Internet
  • Computer privacy and ethics
  • Practical application of Microsoft Word 2010, Excel 2010 and PowerPoint 2010 (about 60 percent of the exam)

You are allowed three hours to complete the exam, so plan accordingly. The exam is graded pass/no pass. Numeric scores will not be received by students or other parties. Results will be sent via email and postal mail within two business days.

Passing the exam

Students who score 80 percent or better on the exam will be exempt from the general education requirement of CIS/CSC 101 but will not receive any credit hours from the exemption.

Each incoming student is given two attempts to pass the exam. Failure to attend an exam for which you have registered will count as a failed attempt at the exam. Exceptions will be made for students who contact the coordinator in advance to cancel their registration; students must receive a confirmation of the cancellation in order to be eligible for this exception.

If you do not pass the exam, you must take CIS 101, CSC 101 or CSC 111 to satisfy general education and graduation requirements.