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School of Accountancy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for MyFreeTaxes with Live Coaches

What is MyFreeTaxes with live Coaches?

A program established by the Internal Revenue Service to provide an IRS-certified volunteers to answer questions while taxpayers prepare and e-file their OWN tax returns at NO cost

Do I need anything in addition to what is on the “What to Bring” link to use MyFreeTaxes?

You will need a valid email address

What if I need to file a prior year return?

You do NOT need to visit an H&R Block office or buy software.  You can come to one of the walk-in/appointment VITA sites or the MSU LITC for assistance with prior year returns and/or controversies

Do I need to pay for any services given on MyFreeTaxes?

NO—You probably should not have to pay for services provided through MyFreeTaxes unless you are over the $57,000 income level and then you should check to see if any other program provides services to you free of charge