Bystander Intervention

The university holds all community members responsible to take reasonable and prudent actions to prevent or stop an act of sexual misconduct. Taking action may include direct intervention, calling law enforcement or reporting to a responsible employee such as the Campus Security Authority (CSA).

What is a bystander?

A bystander is a person who intervenes when they see things happening around them that they know are wrong. They are not the victim or the perpetrator but rather a third party who feels that something is not quite right with a situation. It can be hard for a bystander to speak out because they feel as if they are “not involved.”

How can you help?

  • Be educated about issues surrounding sexual assault and abuse
  • Ask mentors and others for help
  • Encourage your friends to be educated about sexual assault and abuse
  • Respect others – do not tolerate sexist, homophobic, or racist statements, jokes and comments
  • Be a positive role model to others around you
  • If you see something – say something

How can you get involved?

  • The first and most important thing is to keep yourself safe
  • Do not be confrontational
  • Avoid using violence
  • Be direct and as honest as possible
  • Ask for help when necessary
  • Contact police if the situation escalates out of your control

Learn how to intervene

Taylor Health and Wellness Center offers "Step UP!" Step UP! is a bystander intervention program focused on pro-social behaviors and bystander intervention that educates students how to become proactive in assisting others. To become involved through Missouri State University visit
To learn more about Step UP visit their website at Step UP!