Missouri State University

The Absent Professor Program

The Absent Professor Program strives to provide helpful, effective presentations in the classroom, substituting for faculty who cannot attend class or to provide workshops focusing on student success that supplement course material. The program benefits students by utilizing top scholarship recipients to guide struggling students on the skills necessary to navigate their major.

Services Offered to the Campus Community:

  1. Provides workshops in a variety of areas designed to maximize student learning.
  2. Supplies an alternative for faculty, staff, and student organizations for academic programming.
  3. Markets the Bear CLAW.
  4. Opportunities for students seeking to improve their study skills.

Michael Frizell, Director of Student Learning Services
Meyer Library 112       (417) 836-5006
E-mail: michaelfrizell@missouristate.edu

>Learn more about the Absent Professor Program by visiting their website.