Missouri State University


  • A vehicle usage log must be maintained for each state vehicle and include the following information:
    • Name of driver
    • Date(s) used
    • Beginning and ending odometer readings
    • Destination
    • Purpose of use
  • A monthly preventive maintenance check must be performed on each University-owned vehicle.  In addition, for safety precautions, special maintenance must be performed before and after a University-owned vehicle travels over 500 miles on a round trip.
  • Currently, the State of Missouri Office of Administration has left the decision to purchase surplus vehicles to each state agency.  The University considers, based on needs and usage, whether to purchase new or surplus vehicles.
  • The State of Missouri Office of Administration established minimum mileage replacement criteria for state vehicles at 135,000 miles.
  • Currently, the State of Missouri Office of Administration has not set criteria for purchasing SUV's.  SUV's cost the state considerably more than a mid-sized sedan, and approval from the department head should be made prior to purchase of a SUV.  This should be based upon needs and usage.
  • Permission to modify a vehicle in any manner (remove seats, trailer hitches, etc.) must be obtained from the Motor Pool prior to modifications.