Alternate Call Response Procedure

  1. The radio communication officer will obtain all pertinent information including date and time of the incident/crime if the reporting party or victim is able to provide it.
  2. If the call is found to be of a non-emergency or non-urgent nature, the radio communication officer will enter the call for service into the computer system, inclusive of all information received regarding the incident. The reporting party or victim will be advised that an officer is not available to respond, however, they will be re-contacted via telephone by a department member (Public Safety Officer) as soon as possible.
  3. Calls for service that are received 1 hour or less prior to shift change may be held for the on-coming shift to respond to.

Isolation and/or quarantine orders

  1. Definitions:
    1. Isolation - the separation of an individual or individuals, infected with influenza from non-infected individuals.
    2. Quarantine - the separation of an individual, or individuals, exposed to influenza from non-infected and non- exposed individuals.
  2. Enforcing Isolation and/or Quarantine Orders (SPD will have the lead)


Follow established procedures. Coordinate with area emergency responders.

Building security

  1. Security of buildings declared off limits
    1. Short term
      1. Post signs indicating building is off-limits
      2. Lock and secure, assign security if necessary
      3. Close patrol
    2. Long Term
      1. Post signs indicating building is off-limits
      2. Change locks on exterior doors, assign security if necessary
      3. Close patrol
  2. General security of campus buildings
    1. Short term
      1. Clear building, post signs indication building is closed
      2. Change locks on exterior doors
      3. Random patrol