Plaster Stadium Shelter Locations

Non-Event Times

  • General Procedures
    • Whenever possible, go to an interior hallway on the lower floors.
    • Always stand or sit near the base of a wall and protect yourself from debris.
  • Specific Procedures
    • Custodial Supervisors will lock off the elevator and unlock all ramp gates on the west side of Plaster Stadium.
    • Attendants will advise all persons on the second level to include persons in the fitness center, restroom, and classrooms to move to the hallway and remain there until the all clear is given. This will be received by listening to a radio, TV station, or by calling MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY Safety and Transportation Department.
    • Administrative secretary, custodial supervisor and the receptionist will advise all persons on the first level to include persons in the restrooms, lounge area, custodial break room and the racquetball courts to move to the racquetball courts and remain there until the all clear is given.

Event in Progress

  • General Procedures
    • Same as above.
  • Sheltering
    • Whenever an emergency requires evacuating the stadium, members must utilize all available personnel to include the reserve police to facilitate crowd control and movement. Patrons will be requested to move to the following areas for protection.
East Side
Spectator Seating Move To Carrington Hall
Concession Workers Move To Pummill Hall
Ticketing Workers Move To Karls Hall

West Side
Press Box Personnel Move To North Press Box Stairwell
Lower Level Seating Move To West Tunnel Hallway
Upper Level Seating Move To Temple Hall
Players/Personnel On Field Move To Tunnel to McDonald Arena