Immobilization, Removal, or Impoundment of Vehicles

Safety and Transportation Officers are authorized to immobilize, remove, or impound, specifically including towing and use of wheel-locks for vehicles on/from University parking lots/structures or on/from other real property of the University at the owner's expense, under the following circumstances and subject to the following conditions.

  1. Any vehicle that appears to be abandoned or is not moved within 48 hours after a request to move; or
  2. Any vehicle that is left unattended and its presence at the place, in the judgment of an officer of the Safety and Transportation Department, constitutes or is likely to constitute a safety hazard to persons or property, or because of an emergency, or because the vehicle is obstructing traffic; or
  3. Any vehicle identified by the Safety and Transportation Department as one which has been involved in three (3) or more violations where the person (employee, student or visitor) fails to pay the fine(s) and assessments for which parking tickets were issued during the previous twelve-month period; or
  4. Any vehicle without a permit or for which the permit has been revoked pursuant to University Policy.


Vehicle owners must report to the Transit Operations Center, 700 E. Elm, during the normal business hours or the Substation, 636 E. Elm, after normal hours and on weekends, to recover a towed vehicle or have a wheel-lock removed.  A $50 fee will be charged for removal of a wheel lock.  Violations must be paid or assigned to a University accounts receivable account before the vehicle will be released.