Religious Studies for the Professions Certificate

A passion for people

In order to become more effective in your career, you may want to gain a greater understanding of the religious and cultural beliefs and values of those with whom you work. The Religious Studies for the Professions Graduate Certificate Program will help you to increase both your knowledge and your appreciation of the religious diversity you encounter. The program is appropriate for people who already hold an undergraduate degree – in any field – and who encounter religion or are interested in it, but who do not want to pursue a master’s degree in religious studies.

Careers and outcomes

The Religious Studies for the Professions Graduate Certificate Program is designed especially for those who are already working in their preferred fields:  in education, law, counseling, business administration, ministry, and many other fields. As such, it will augment the student’s current skill set and knowledge base and assist the student in working more effectively in that chosen field. Students who have completed this program have found that the certificate globalized their perspectives and improved their critical thinking skills, which made them more attractive in the job market.

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For further information about the Certificate Program, contact Dr. Jack Llewellyn, Religious Studies Graduate Program Director,