Department of Religious Studies

Funding for Conference Presentations by REL Graduate Students

The Department of Religious Studies and the College of Humanities and Public Affairs encourage students to attend and present their papers at conferences.

Religious Studies graduate students may request funds from the department to help with the expense of presenting their research at a conference. Students may receive up to $300 per conference, as funds are available. The student must be presenting a paper at the conference (no funds if just attending).  Students may not apply for funds for conferences for which funding is already being provided by the department (generally, the Midwest American Academy of Religion and the Central States Society of Biblical Literature).

Funding can be awarded twice in a student’s graduate career, once per academic year. Preference will be given to students who have not previously received travel funding from the department and to those who are presenting at a national meeting.

Any student seeking funding from the department must first apply for and be approved for Graduate Student Travel Funding from the Graduate College, The Graduate College must receive the application at least two weeks prior to date of travel, but it is best to apply earlier in order to hear back from the College and submit your application to the department (also prior to date of travel). To request funds from the department, the student should submit to the department’s administrative assistant, Jane Terry, 1) a copy of her Graduate Student Travel Funding application materials, 2) confirmation from the Graduate College that it will help to fund the student’s travel, and 3) a cover letter requesting department funds.

Prior to traveling, a student whose request for funding from the department is granted must consult with Jane Terry about how to pay for items covered by the funding (such as gas, airline tickets, food, and hotels), the required documentation of expenses (to be submitted upon the student’s return), and so on, since the department cannot disburse funds if we do not follow the rules of Missouri State’s Office of Financial Services.

Students who have questions about this funding opportunity are welcome to ask Martha Finch or Steve Berkwitz.