Overload Permission


University policy

Op3.04-36 Overload Permission

Permission must be obtained for hours taken over the maximum allowed as per the student’s level. Courses for which a student is enrolled on an audit basis are counted in hours for an overload. 

Undergraduate students

Maximum*: 18 hours for fall or spring semesters. Maximum of 10 hours for summer sessions. Upon the recommendation of their advisors, students who have a 3.00 or higher GPA for a semester in which a minimum of 15 hours is carried may request permission for an overload from the dean of their college.

Obtain overload permission from: Dean of college of student’s major. If major is undecided, then Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs. 

Graduate students

Maximum*: 16 hours for fall or spring semesters. Maximum of 10 hours per summer sessions.  Also, Postbaccalaureate students (excluding those seeking teacher certification) may not enroll in more than nine total hours of graduate-level courses including completed, in-progress, and registered without permission from the Dean of the Graduate College.

Obtain overload permission from: Dean of the Graduate College. 

Precollege students

Maximum*: Nine hours for fall or spring semesters; six hours for summer semester.

Obtain overload permission from: If enrolled in the high school based (dual credit) Program, obtain permission from The Extended Campus. If enrolled in the campus based (dual enrollment), obtain permission from the Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs.

* Hours for fall include fall intersession; hours for spring include winter intersession; hours for summer include summer intersession

Additional Policy Effective August 1, 2016

Mixed Credit (Accelerated Graduate Programs): Students admitted into an approved accelerated graduate degree program may have a limited number of 600-level or higher courses counted toward both an undergraduate and graduate degree.

Mixed Credit (General): Undergraduate students who meet all the admission requirements of a graduate degree or certificate program other than the completion of a baccalaureate degree may receive permission to take up to six hours of mixed (undergraduate and graduate) credit without first being admitted to a specific graduate program.

Senior Permission: Undergraduate students who have accumulated at least 90 hours from Missouri State or another accredited institution may be permittedto take a maximum of 12 credits of 600-level or higher courses for graduate credit.

For additional information, please review the entire policy.

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