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Undergraduate Catalog

2014-15 preliminary edition, April 2014

Study Away Programs

Eligibility requirements 

In order to participate in semester or year-long Study Away approved programs, students must meet the following eligibility requirements: a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA at the time of application, 30 credit hours of university coursework completed at the time of application, enrollment as a full-time student on the Springfield campus the semester prior, and good judiciary standing with the university. Additional eligibility requirements may apply depending on the program. Please contact Study Away Programs for further clarification. 

Academic credit transfer 

Students participating on approved Study Away programs are eligible to transfer credit back to Missouri State University. With the exception of short-term faculty-led programs and the Missouri London Program (MLP), all coursework must be pre-approved by the appropriate academic department head(s), and will transfer as pass/not pass. 

Short-term faculty-led programs and MLP participants will be enrolled in Missouri State University courses and their coursework will transfer as letter grades. 

Use of financial aid 

Students participating on approved study away programs are eligible to apply for all federal, state, and university financial aid, but participation in a program does not automatically increase financial aid eligibility. Most types of financial aid, however, can be applied to approved programs. Please contact Study Away Programs for further clarification.

Program overview 

Study Away Programs facilitates high quality academic programs to increase the cultural competence of the Missouri State community, while developing the global leaders of tomorrow. With hundreds of study abroad options to choose from, Missouri State University students can choose programs in over 70 different countries that run from one week up to a full academic year. The following section highlights some of Missouri State University’s most popular study away program offerings. To find more information and other available options, students are encouraged to contact Study Away Programs. 

Australia exchanges 

The University participates in reciprocal student exchange programs with the University of Ballarat in Victoria, and the University of Tasmania in Hobart. These locations offer students a relaxed lifestyle with cosmopolitan cultural diversity and breathtaking natural environments. Ballarat is located in southeastern Australia near Melbourne. It is a modern university, but one with over 130 years of tradition. Hobart is the capital of the island of Tasmania and is Australia’s second oldest city. Through these programs, students pay MSU in-state tuition and fees to study for a semester or a year. Both universities offer a diverse range coursework across the curriculum, with a strong focus in the sciences. Transfer of credit is arranged through the Study Away Programs office and financial aid may apply to the cost of tuition and fees. 

France exchanges 

The University participates in an exchange program with Blaise-Pascal University (BP). BP is located in the very center of France in the beautiful region of the Auvergne. All courses are taught in English at its campus in the town of Vichy, and students who study a full academic year can earn a diploma in International Business with French or International Studies with French. It also has a larger campus in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, where all courses are taught in French. The exchange is primarily directed towards business students, but classes taught in English at the Vichy campus are appropriate for other majors also. This exchange allows students to pay MSU tuition and fees.

Another option for students with an interest in studying in France is enrollment at ESC-Rennes International Business School. This international school offers undergraduate and graduate classes taught in English, and is located in Rennes, France. 

International business programs 

International Business Programs (IBP) offers business-focused study away options to all undergraduate and graduate students. Most classes are taught in English, but language courses are also an option for students who wish to enhance their foreign language proficiency. IBP facilitates the Magellan Exchange Program and the reciprocal exchange with Blaise-Pascal University in France. For more information, visit the International Business Programs website. 

International student exchange program

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) is a non-profit network of 300 member institutions in 45 different countries cooperating to provide affordable international educational experiences for a diverse student population. Through this program, students pay MSU tuition and room and board. The program allows for semester, and year-long study in a variety of academic fields, offering courses taught in English, as well as other foreign languages. Because of the flexibility in location, degree field, and languages offered, over 2,600 students worldwide participate in the ISEP program annually. Transfer of credit is arranged through the Study Away Programs office.

Magellan exchange 

This exchange program, facilitated by MSU’s International Business Programs office, offers study abroad opportunities for students at dozens of locations outside of the U.S., including South Korea, Costa Rica, Germany, and Finland. Students are fully immersed in the educational and social life of the host country. Each participating university offers courses in English and students can attend for a semester or full year. Many of the schools offer summer programs also. This exchange allows students to pay MSU tuition and fees.

Missouri London program

The University participates in the Missouri London Program (MLP), sponsored by the Missouri Consortium for International Programs and Studies. Through this program students live and study in London, England, and receive credit directly from Missouri State. Courses offered will vary from semester to semester and will be taught by participating faculty from each of the consortium institutions and by local professors. Classrooms are located at the Imperial College of the University of London. Frequent excursions inside and outside of the United Kingdom are a feature of this program. 

Short-term faculty-led programs 

Short-term faculty-led (1- to 8- week) programs offer opportunities for personal and intellectual growth that match those gained in traditional semester- or year-long study away programs. According to research conducted by the University of Delaware's Center for International Studies, students who have spent even three weeks studying in another country report a greater understanding and appreciation of other cultures and customs, a heightened awareness of their country's identity and place on the world stage, and a better idea of what is required to be a "global citizen." Over 50% of MSU’s Study Away participants choose short-term programs. Missouri State professors offer a variety of options of these programs during the summer, between the spring and fall semesters, and during the winter intersession. Some of these programs are “total immersion” programs where students study with native speakers and live with host families. Previous Missouri State short-term faculty-led program destinations have included: Spain, Italy, England, Scotland, France, Belgium, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Ghana. Current short-term faculty-led program offerings are found on the Study Away Programs website.

China programs 

The purpose of the Missouri State University Study in China Program is to increase cultural and educational exchanges and to promote friendship and understanding between the United States and China. Missouri State University offers many opportunities for students to study in China with or without a Chinese language requirement. Offered through the Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development and China Programs, the most popular Study in China programs allow students to choose options in the cities of Dalian, Qingdao, or Zhengzhou. At these campuses, a variety of program offerings have been developed to address the diverse needs of students and their academic focus. All credits will transfer to Missouri State University. Information is available by visiting the China Program website , contacting Tami Sutton at tamisutton@missouristate.edu or (417) 836-8501, or stopping by the office in Carrington Hall, Suite 210.