Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Catalog

2015-16 Second edition, November 2015

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Bachelor of Science in Education (Certifiable grades K-12, additional endorsement only)
  1. ENG 296(3) or 591(3); ENG 505(3), 592(3), 595(3), 596(3), 597(3)
  2. Either ENG 390(3) or 590(3), for a total of not fewer than 21 hours
  3. Professional Education Courses: RDG 474(2); SPE 310(3) or 340(2)
  4. In order to meet Missouri state teacher certification requirements, all students must have a 2.50 GPA or higher (Missouri State and transfer grades combined) in the certification subject area, which includes all courses required for the minor. A minimum grade of "C" or higher in each course listed above is required for certification.