Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Bachelor of Science in Education (Certifiable grades K-12, additional endorsement only)
  1. ENG 296(3) or 591(3); ENG 505(3), 592(3), 595(3), 596(3), 597(3)
  2. Either ENG 390(3) or 590(3), for a total of not fewer than 21 hours
  3. Professional Education Courses: RDG 474(3); SPE 310(3) or 340(2)
  4. In order to meet Missouri state teacher certification requirements, all students must have a 2.50 GPA or higher (Missouri State and transfer grades combined) in the certification subject area, which includes all courses required for the minor. A minimum grade of "C" or higher in each course listed above is required for certification.

General education program restriction

With the exception of ENG 310 and ENG 321, English courses counted towards General Education requirements may not also be used to meet:

  • major requirements
  • minor requirements
  • Fine Arts requirement on the Bachelor of Arts degree

BA fine arts restriction

English majors or minors may not use the same literature courses to satisfy both the major or minor requirements and the Fine Arts requirement.

Restriction for english majors

Students completing both a major and a minor offered by the English Department may not count the same courses on both the major and the minor.