Radiography (Comprehensive)

Bachelor of Science

The Department of Kinesiology, in cooperation with the CoxHealth and Mercy School of Radiologic Technology and other JR Cert accredited programs, offer a baccalaureate degree in Radiography. This program contains professional training that must be from a clinical school that is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology sponsored by the American Medical Association (foreign credentials are not accepted). The curriculum includes both university course work that can be completed in 5 semesters and a 24 month sequence of professional courses. Each student must have at least a 2.00 GPA in both the coursework at Missouri State and in the School of Radiologic Technology at CoxHealth or Mercy. To be a registered radiologic technologist, the student, after having completed the professional block of coursework, must pass a Registry Examination and obtain a letter of good standing from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.

A student may pursue this program by completing prerequisite courses at Missouri State and by seeking admission to the School of Radiologic Technology, CoxHealth or Mercy. Application deadline is February 1 of each year. Notifications will be sent to successful applicants and classes start in September (CoxHealth) or July (Mercy). Radiography courses completed at CoxHealth and Mercy School of Radiologic Technology will carry the RAD prefix and be entered directly on the Missouri  State transcript and the grades earned in those courses will be calculated into the cumulative Missouri State GPA.

In some cases a student may transfer all or part of the professional block of courses from another accredited program in Radiography. Such courses are treated as transfer credit, carry a P (pass) grade only, and are evaluated as a block of 21 credit hours of lower-division Radiography electives and a block of 21 credit hours of upper-division Radiography electives, not as individual courses.

The Radiography courses are credited only on the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Radiography.

  1. General Education Requirements - see General Education Program and Requirements section of catalog
    Specific General Education Requirements: BMS 110(3) and 111(1); CHM 116(4) and 117(1); ECO 155(3);  KIN 210(3); MTH 135(3); PSY 121(3)
    *CHM 160 should be selected if the science option is chosen.

  2. Major Requirements

    1. BIO 210(3) or 310(5); BMS 307(4), 308(4); CHM 201(3) and 202(2); CSC 121(3)

    2. Courses to be taken in the professional curriculum from the School of Radiologic Technology at CoxHealth or Mercy: RAD 110(1), 120(2), 130(2) 140(1), 150(3), 160(2), 170(1), 180(3), 190(7), 310(3), 315(2), 320(2), 330(1), 340(1), 350(2), 360(2), 370(1), 380(8)

    3. Public Affairs Capstone Experience will be fulfilled by completion of RAD 380(8).

    4. Specialty Requirements (choose one option):

      1. Education: Note: This option has been temporarily suspended and is not being offered at this time. Contact the department for more information.

      2. Management: ACC 201(3); MGT 340(3), MGT 341(3); plus two courses from ACC 211(3); HCM 301(3), HCM 303(3); MGT 345(3), MGT 367(3), MKT 368(3); QBA 237(3)

      3. Science: Select 14 hours in science courses from Biology, Biomedical Sciences, or Physics with approval of advisor. CHM 160 is recommended.

  3. General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements - see General Baccalaureate Degree Requirements section of catalog

Accelerated Master's Program in Health Promotion and Wellness Management

Students enrolled in programs in the Department of Kinesiology may be accepted into the Health Promotion and Wellness Management program after admission requirements for the accelerated master's option are met. Once accepted for early admission, up to 12 credit hours of approved 600 and 700-level coursework (Mixed Credit) may be counted toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs. 

The accelerated option allows majors in the Department of Kinesiology who are interested in health promotion and wellness management to complete the requirements for the graduate degree in three semesters and a summer rather than the typical four semesters and a summer. Refer to the Graduate Catalog for more information.

For courses to be designated as Mixed Credit, the graduate advisor, undergraduate department head, and Graduate College dean must approve by signing the Permission for Mixed Credit form. This form must be provided to the Office of the Registrar in Carrington Hall 320 no later than the end of the Change of Schedule Period for the semester.