Office of the Registrar

Undergraduate Catalog

2014-15 second edition, November 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies

General information for individualized major

The individualized major is intended for students with a clear sense of direction, motivation and strong concept of an educational program that will best serve the individual's needs. This major shall be described individually, specifying the area(s) of emphasis. 

Procedures for seeking candidacy

  1. Complete GEP 101 (or UHC 110 for Honors College students) in the first semester. Students are strongly encouraged to complete COM 115, ENG 110, and a Quantitative Literacy course within their first 30 hours.
  2. Apply through the Academic Advisement Center, University Hall, room 109, for admission to an individualized major.
    1. The student shall submit a written statement of intention, aims and background, and transcripts of prior work (minimum 2.00 grade point average required). In some cases, a personal interview or supporting information (such as faculty recommendations) may be required.
    2. A student accepted to pursue an individualized major is assigned, by the Academic Advisement Center, three faculty advisors from departments in which the student will work. No two faculty members shall represent the same department. These faculty members shall comprise the student’s advisory committee. The student shall designate one member as the major advisor.
    3. It shall be the responsibility of this advisory committee to approve the student’s degree program. It is also the responsibility of this committee to evaluate the student’s transcript and determine the number of credit hours previously earned which will be applied toward the hours required for this major. The approved program, including a recommended title, shall be submitted to the Academic Advisement Center for final approval
  3. A minimum of 25 credit hours must be completed after the advisory committee has approved the degree program.
  4. All agreements shall be filed as a part of the student’s degree program. Any alteration of the degree program must be approved by the advisory committee. 



Rachelle Darabi, PhD, Associate Provost for Student Development and Public Affairs


University Hall, Room 115