Greenwood Laboratory School

General Information

Greenwood Laboratory School was founded in 1908 to provide a comprehensive education program to students from kindergarten through senior level while also providing University students with opportunities and experiences to develop strong teaching skills. Greenwood has enrollment capacity of 378 students and 100 percent of each graduating class enrolls in a post-secondary educational institution. The average ACT composite score for the senior class is 26.5 while the state average is 21.6 and the national average is 21.1 Inquiry based learning is emphasized over rote memorization

Greenwood Laboratory School believes that students should be given the opportunity to develop a wide variety of knowledge and skills, think critically, set challenging goals, respect diversity, adopt an attitude of social responsibility, and become lifelong learners. Consistent with the University’s mission in public affairs, the purpose of the Greenwood Laboratory School is to develop educated persons while focusing on cultural competence, ethical leadership and community engagement.

Greenwood Laboratory School serves as a member of the Educator Preparation Provider Unit in a University-wide effort of preparing students at all levels for the twenty-first century. Greenwood provides the opportunity for MSU students and faculty to engage in clinical field experiences, service learning activities, research, information sharing, and professional development. Through these activities, Greenwood Laboratory School functions within the College of Education to create "a legacy of learning." In addition, Greenwood's mission is to support Missouri State University as a laboratory of best practices in teaching and to prepare students who are knowledgeable, creative, caring and engaged citizens, which is consistent with the University's mission statement of public affairs.


Greenwood is accredited by the North Central Association of Schools/AdvancED.

Admission Policy

Students are enrolled in Greenwood Laboratory School from registration lists maintained chronologically by date of registration. A maximum of 24 are enrolled in kindergarten, 26 in first grade, 28 in second grade and 30 in grades 3 through 6, and up to 40 in grades 7-12. At each grade level two thirds of the students are admitted from the community and one third from the faculty and staff of Missouri State University. Annual tuition is charged and is subject to change each year. Missouri State full-time employees may apply up to seven and one-half hours of tuition waiver towards Greenwood tuition.