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Undergraduate Catalog

2014-15 preliminary edition, April 2014

Department of Modern and Classical Languages


  • Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – French (BSEd), German (BSEd), Classics-Latin Concentration (BSEd), and Spanish (BSEd)
  • National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education – French (BSEd), German (BSEd), Classics-Latin Concentration (BSEd), and Spanish (BSEd)

General information

The department offers courses designed to give students the fundamentals of each language and to introduce them to the culture and literature of the people whose language is being studied. Some languages may only be offered as resources permit. Intensive Spanish programs in a Hispanic country and intensive French programs are offered during the summer. Laboratory practice is required of all students in modern language courses 101, 102, 201 and 202.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers a variety of activities to students to supplement its academic programs. The Department sponsors conversation tables, honorary societies, and cultural activities. Travel and study tours are offered to provide direct language and cultural experience. The Department also sponsors public service activities related to the study of foreign language and culture.

Program requirements and restrictions

Placement and credit by placement

Students with foreign language experience (typically one or more years of high school language study, or equivalent) in French, German, or Spanish are required to take the Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam (WebCAPE) prior to enrolling in language courses. Students will receive placement information immediately upon completion of the exam. Placement scores remain valid for the duration of enrollment as undergraduate student. During the first week of classes, instructors will ensure that students were placed in the appropriate class for their level of competency.

Students with more advanced experience in French, German, or Spanish and students with experience in languages other than French, German, or Spanish must contact the Department of Modern and Classical Languages for an individualized assessment and placement. The assessment will cover reading, writing, listening, comprehension, and culture.

Native speakers of non-English languages should consult with the department head prior to enrolling in courses.

All language students that have been assessed and placed can obtain retroactive credit (up to 18 credit hours) provided they complete the class they placed into with a grade of B or higher and apply to the department to receive the retroactive credit. Credit will not be automatically granted. Consult with the Modern and Classical Languages department head regarding any exceptions.

Bachelor of Arts language requirement

All students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete a language requirement of 12 hours. Students may complete 12 hours in a single language offered by the Department of Modern and Classical Languages to meet this requirement. Students with advanced proficiency in a language other than English may be exempted from this requirement with approval from the head of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages.

Bachelor of Arts fine arts restriction

Literature courses in this department will count toward the Fine Arts requirement provided those courses have not also been used to meet the foreign language requirement.